Why You Need a Coaching Management Platform to Grow Your Multi-Coach Coaching Business

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February 3, 2023
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Being a coach is never about just coaching – it’s about running a business too. So when you run a multi-coach business, the managerial work gets that much more complex.

It, therefore, becomes mandatory for you to find a way to manage and grow an online coaching business by streamlining their daily activities and offering enriched client experiences. With the help of online coaching management software and coaching management platforms, coaching businesses can now successfully streamline the process of effective coaching, enhance client experiences and scale the business in the process.

With the boom in the coaching industry, there has been an increase in demand for these online coaching management platforms among coaching companies. So much so that, it has been predicted that online coaching platforms will reach $4.5 billion in market size by 2028. This write-up drives home the benefits of a coaching management platform and how they can help coaching companies to grow their multi-coaching coaching businesses.

7 Benefits of Coaching Management Platforms

1. Brand establishment and enhancing brand experience

The coaching industry is expanding at a rate faster than ever before. Between 2015 and 2019, there was an increase in the number of certified coaches by 33%. As of 2022, there are as many as 60,472 business coaching businesses in the US alone. That covers just one niche in one specific country.

In a market full of intense competition, how does a coaching company stand out from the rest? As a multi-coach coaching company, you can generate more leads by increasing brand awareness among your target audience.

Many coaching management platforms such as Simply.Coach come with inbuilt marketing tools such as website builders (where you can create individual web pages for each coach), email marketing integrations, social media integrations, and more, that make marketing more convenient and hassle-free. 

They also help ensure that you’re creating branded client experiences, with whitelabelling functionalities that allow you to add your brand colors and logo.

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2. Streamline admin work

When you are running a multi-coaching company, managing the administrative side of the company takes more time and has plenty of nuances. How do you, for example, streamline reports or invoicing in a way that is efficient? All these routine activities are often tedious, unmanageable and distracting when you are dealing with a wide range of coaches and clients.

Multiple automation tools are available online that make these tasks easier. Spreadsheets, invoicing and billing apps, note taking tools, calendar and scheduling tools, feedback templates, video conferencing tools, etc. are taking much of the admin load off of the coach’s shoulders. However, collating all these independent tools isn’t a cake walk.

But what if you get all the necessary tools organized in one place, open to use—and even customization—at an affordable rate? Integrated coaching management platforms such as Simply.Coach assemble the necessary coaching tools and offer the subscribers access to as and when required.

3. Effective and seamless communication

Communication is at the heart of any client-coach relationship. Effective communication helps build a strong rapport with your clients so they can feel free to discuss their challenges and goals. It helps you share knowledge, gather feedback, set the right goals and track progress, and so much more.

In a multi-coach coaching company, you may want to keep some of the communication standardized at a brand level. For example, you may have a repository of content and resources for coaches to choose from and share with clients as needed.

A good coaching management software integrates interactive tools that allow effective and seamless communication between the coach, the client and even the stakeholders if any. For instance, Simply.Coach offers a ‘shared resources’ feature to its subscribers that allows you to share resources in one central location for each coach to pick up from and use with clients, or a ‘digital coaching tools’ feature that allows you to create branded documents for running surveys and gathering feedback.

This helps streamline communication across all coaches, with all their clients, at a brand level.

4. Smoothens out the sales process

Every sales funnel has three distinct stages—’the awareness stage’, where your target audience acknolwedges their need or want for coaching, ‘the consideration stage’, where your prospects compare your coaching services with that of your peers, and ‘the purchase stage’, where the prospect finally decides to get onboarded with you (or not). 

When you run a multi-coach company, you’re looking at leads at different stages of the journey for different coaches. A good coaching management software provides coaching companies with automated tools that guide these leads through all the three stages in the sales funnel.

A coaching management platforms like Simply.Coach helps convert such leads to clients. When a lead signs up for a session with a coach on their Showcase Page, Simply.Coach registers the lead details, and allows you to send emails to them straight from the platform to convert them into clients. You can also create Subscriptions & Session Packages across coaches and let clients buy/ subscribe to them.

5. Enhances the client experience

One of the most important factors in every engagement is the client experience. How smooth is the collaboration between coach-client? How easy is it to be and stay on the same page throughout? How much time gets wasted in tasks and conversations that could be spent more productively?

A coaching management platforms automates most of the day-to-day tasks, so you can focus on creating beautiful transformative experiences for your cilents. Many coaching management platforms come with online tools that help track client progress as well as enable coaches to provide feedback to their coachees. A coaching management platform that offers 360-degree assessment and goal setting features in a consolidated manner should successfully enhance the coaching experience of the clients. 

Many coaching management software come with integrated templates and forms and store the responses all in one place, which otherwise would have required unnecessary efforts from the coach. Coaching management platforms, such as Simply.Coach, takes it a notch higher by allowing the coaches to share these as links with ‘nudges.’ This acts as a reminder for your clients to stay updated with the required documents. Also, keep your clients accountable towards their goals with the help of the ‘Action’ feature.

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6. Cost and time effective

A multi-coaching company usually brings together a number of coaching associates. These associates, in turn, deal with a wider range of clients and, in many cases, a variety of organizations. This requires a lot of orchestration and streamlining on the part of the coaching company.

All these tasks done manually are time consuming and often cost the coaching companies a fortune. Coaching management platforms digitize these processes and save both time and money. This helps the coaching company focus on coaching and helps leave the orchestration of the rest of the tasks to technology. Most of these platforms also come with mobile apps, which means coaches can use them on the go and integrate them into their usual working day.

7. Business scalability

Coaching is a growing industry, supporting hundreds and thousands of clients to achieve their goals globally. With as much as one-third of all Fortune 500 companies taking the help of coaching services, the coaching industry’s present market value is a whopping $15 billion.

Although the primary driving force behind multi-coach companies is the desire to help clients in need, business scalability is a constant focus. A flexible and customizable coaching management software offers a multi-coaching business the much-needed ammunition to scale their business, by allowing you to become more efficient.

Choose the right coaching management platform

When it comes to finding the right platform to partner in your growth story, there are a number of factors you should consider as a multi-coach coaching company. Choose a platform that:

  1. Supports white labelling and lets you use your brand colors and logo
  2. Offers integrations with:
    • Scheduling software
    • Communication tools (email)
    • Social platforms (ex. LinkedIn)
    • Video conferencing tools (ex. Zoom)
  3. Allows you to accept payments via a payment gateway
  4. Comes with space to store your proprietary/branded documents, references for coaches to use with clients
  5. Has in-built assessment and feedback forms with automatic response collation
  6. Offers automatic report creation
  7. Is available as a mobile app

The bottomline

Coaching management platforms or coaching management software are crucial for any multi-coaching business to establish a firm footing in the industry. With the help of a coaching management platform, you can streamline your business, create great client experiences, and ultimately grow your business.

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1. What is a coaching management system?

A coaching management system is a digital tool that helps automate and streamline the tasks that are critical in a coaching business but do not require direct involvement of the coach.

2. What is the future of coaching management platforms?

The introduction of new and advanced technology into the coaching process is all set to benefit coaches. Coaching management platforms of the future will embrace technologies like augmented reality, AI, video-only sessions, and so on.

3. Should you choose coaching management software depending on if it is a solopreneurship or a multi-coaching company?

Yes, whether you’re a one-man army or a multi-coaching company is an important factor when choosing coaching management software. When it’s a multi-coaching company, the software must have benefits for the business owner as well as for individual coaches working via the company.

4. What are the challenges faced by multi-coach coaching businesses that can be addressed by a coaching management platform?

Some of the challenges faced by multi-coach coaching businesses that can be addressed by a coaching management platform are streamlining admin work, brand establishment, streamlining the sales process, establishing effective communication, client experience, cost and time effectiveness, business scalability, etc.

5. How can multi-coach coaching businesses evaluate the return on investment of using a coaching management platform over time?

A multi-coach coaching business can evaluate the ROI of using a coaching management platform by applying the basic models companies use to measure the overall ROI of the organization. Some of the major models are Kirkpatrick, Phillips ROI, KPMT, CIRO, etc.

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