7 Ways Technology Helps You Run Your Coaching Business Efficiently

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January 18, 2023
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As the world goes more and more digital, pretty much every single business out there is adapting to and adopting technology (in varying degrees) to stay in tune with the times. And the same goes for a coaching business as well.  

There are many ways in which technology plays into helping a coach like you run your coaching business effectively and efficiently. Let’s get straight to it, without wasting any more time! 

Technology helps you, as a coach: 

1. Be more organized & structured 

With clients, organisations, and stakeholders now looking for ROI on coaching, coaches have to be more organised and structured in order to help clients meet the goals set and see successful coaching outcomes. A coaching management software like Simply.Coach essentially digitizes each step of the client and business management side of engagements, so that everything that you need as a coach is available in a structured and sequential manner. Everything right from client onboarding to offboarding is streamlined, so you can shift your focus back to coaching and creating visible impact and outcomes. 

2. Save time and cost 

One more way in which technology can be invaluable for a coaching business is by helping you save precious time and money.  

Think about it, hiring a virtual assistant would cost $13 an hour on average. The same tasks if automated by an efficient coaching management platform that fulfils all your criteria, can cost as low as $9 per month (if you’re just starting out as a coach). Even on the higher end, the cost of a higher plan on a platform will be a lot less than what a virtual assistant would cost. In that cost, a technology platform can automate and streamline a major part of running a coaching business, making it a more optimal and efficient option in the long run. Also, what would take up a major part of the working day for an assistant to do, a coaching platform could easily automate – thus saving a major chunk of time for a coach, and thus minimising the need to hire a virtual assistant. 

Simply.Coach is one of the most coveted coaching management platforms out there.

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3. Gather data & create reports 

With the help of the right technology, tracking a client’s growth and progress in a more quantitative and objective manner can be made simple. Coaching software that comes with progress monitoring and feedback tools allows clients to learn, set goals, and track their progress. 

It helps you generate reports that give you data and insights on each client’s progress, the impact of your coaching, and the Return on Investment (ROI) provided to your client. With this, you can easily share reports with sponsors directly on the platform. 

If we take it a bit further on the technology spectrum, making use of artificial intelligence (AI) can help coaches pull and collate each client’s progress data, draw patterns and offer greater coaching experiences. 

Another area where AI’s role turns vital is in helping supply meet demand in the coaching ecosystem and drive value. There are coaches with specific knowledge, tools, and insights. And then there are clients with precise targets, expectations and needs. Matching this supply and demand adds tremendous value to the coaching ecosystem through deep analytics and rich insights into client profiles and needs that power the match. For multi-coach organizations, pairing the right coach with the right client is no more a task, thanks to the technology of AI-powered coaching tools. 

4. Generate invoices and payments 

The end of the month signals one big task – it’s time to send invoices. The usual shuffling of documents, tracking of work, downloading, emailing and so on commences. You’ve set aside a few hours for this, and the more clients the more time it takes of course. What if you could save all that time and headache and simply leave it all to a coaching platform? On top of that, what if the platform could keep track of all payments and also secure payments across the major currencies of major countries – and that too via a multitude of payment mediums?  

Running a coaching business like this would be not only friction-free, but a joy! That’s what technology can enable for you. 

The process of raising invoices & payment collection be automated with the help of Simply.Coach! 

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5. Ease client communication 

Having a dedicated space for clients to capture their thoughts and action items, access content repositories and track and update their goals – all of this adds to how a client shows up to their coaching sessions. On top of making for a positive experience, it also leads to higher accountability and seamless collaboration. Technology in the form of a coaching management platform can give a coach access to central repository to share notes, links and any other documents with each client, thus easing client communication.  

6. Helps generate more business and revenue 

Through the medium of social media and online marketing, getting more clients and business has become easier than ever before.  From Facebook & Instagram to share thought-leadership content to making use of search-optimised content to reach a hyper targeted audience, technology has made the process of marketing one’s coaching business easier and far more effective.  

With the coming times, as technology evolves, it will only get easier for a coach to not only reach the relevant audience, but also communicate their offer more effectively. 

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7. Helps scale your business 

With the right tools and software, scaling your coaching business can be a cakewalk. Aside from helping you be more organised and efficient, technology platforms like Simply.Coach have lots more to offer. Let’s say you’ve been coaching independently on a one-on-one basis as well in groups. After a year or so of successfully running your coaching business, you find that you have a lot more business than you are equipped to handle. An efficient coaching platform like Simply.Coach can enable you to build, grow, and scale your business to great heights – even if you were to grow into a full-fledged multi-coach business dealing with major enterprises and coaching clients in hundreds and thousands! 

Technology has the power to help you successfully run a coaching business that’s massive in scale, if that’s what you’re aiming for. You just need to have patience to test the waters and find the right platform for you. 

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1. How is technology used in coaching? 

Technology in coaching can be used in a variety of ways: using a coaching platform for effective client and business management; online marketing to acquire, nurture and retain clients, onboarding and offboarding clients; having a shared space for ease of communication and sharing of resources; using AI to bring in superior means of understanding and managing clients; using automation & digitisation to help a business scale to new heights, and more… Technology has enabled the practice as well as business of coaching evolve from a mere one-on-one conversation to data-driven growth where progress can be measured and achieved in qualitative as well as quantitative ways. 

2. What is the future of the coaching industry? 

The future in no way can be predicted, but from sheer observation we feel that artificial intelligence (AI) will play a huge role in coaching in times to come. To what extent and degree might be variable, but it is a definite possibility if we pay attention to how AI has integrated into our regular lives. Another possibility is that coaching may take place in the metaverse or that it will be a lot more data-driven (than it currently is) to help understand the many facets of the client beyond the regular question and answer format, for more accuracy and efficiency. 

About Simply.Coach

Simply.Coach is an enterprise-grade coaching software designed to be used by individual coaches and coaching businesses. Trusted by ICF-accredited and EMCC-credentialed coaches worldwide, Simply.Coach is on a mission to elevate the experience and process of coaching with technology-led tools and solutions.  

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