5 Processes to Delegate in a Coaching Company to Save Time

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November 29, 2022
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Ruby is a busy mom of two. But that’s not her only identity. She is also an entrepreneur, with 20 employees working under her. She knows that “time is money” and wishes she had 48 hours in a day instead of 24.  

Relatable, right? 

But when it comes to striking a work-life balance, Ruby’s secret recipe is to delegate certain tasks and focus on the rest. She knows it is important to make valuable use of the limited time she has in a day. 

Optimal utilization of time is the soul of any business’ success story. And like any other business, coaching companies deal with infinite number of ancillary tasks other than actually coaching. These ancillaries eat away a major chunk of the coach’s time and take the focus away from coaching. 

Now imagine a situation where you delegate some of the tasks to an external entity. That’s how coaching companies can save time and concentrate more on coaching. Moreover, assuming that you have delegated those tasks to an expert in that specific field, you get much faster and better results than if you were figuring it out yourself. 

Let’s look at 5 tasks that can be delegated by a coaching company in order to save time and increase productivity and efficiency. 

Five tasks that a coaching company can outsource 

A coaching company’s primary responsibility is to deliver coaching services to clients. But when you are running a coaching business, a lot of other responsibilities come piggybacking with that. In an effort to address all that’s on your plate, you end up spreading yourself too thin. The only way to come out from such a tight spot is by delegating tasks that are not your strong suit.  

The 5 tasks a coaching company can outsource are: 

1. Client management support 

When it comes to coaching businesses, clients are the kings. However, conducting sessions aren’t the only responsibility a coach has that directly affects the client experience. There are several other tasks on the list that constitute ‘customer support’ and require a lot of time investment that can get overwhelming for a coach. These customer support tasks can be delegated to an external entity for the smooth running of the coaching company.  

One way to delegate this is by collaborating with online coaching platforms and getting access to pre-embedded coaching tools that take care of tracking clients’ overall progress, gathering feedback or surveys, etc.  

Another way to delegate is via virtual assistants, that help coaching companies right from researching target audiences to designing lead magnets to monitoring lead capturing forms and a lot more. 

2. Admin and business support 

A coaching company, like any other business, requires juggling multiple day-to-day tasks beside the core responsibility of coaching. As the business grows, the quantity of admin work also increases.  

Again, you can now get virtual assistants to do these mundane but necessary tasks on your behalf. A virtual assistant can handle tasks such as the smooth onboarding of clients, booking discovery calls, sharing contract agreements, scheduling appointments and follow-up appointments, drafting emails and your managing inboxes, and any other admin services. 

Online coaching platforms too, can take care of the nuts and bolts of the admin side of the coaching business. 

So, tasks like blocking sessions with clients, sending payment reminders (even collecting payments!), keeping track of invoices, etc. becomes a cakewalk. 

3. Sales management support 

Coaches are primarily keen on helping individuals in need. But a coaching company also needs to be ROI-driven (Return on Investment). The tried and tested way of increasing ROI is by generating leads and eventually converting them into clients, where the cost of generating leads must ideally reduce in order to increase the margin. Sales in any business involves a number of activities around it, such as contact management, tracking and nurturing lead, etc.  

What if an external agency could take care of all that? Marketing and sales agencies can help coaching companies with social media, online advertising, lead nurturing, and all the associated sales activities. The downsides include the hefty consultation fees, and the fact that outsourcing sales to any manpower outside your company leaves your brand vulnerable. 

Another way to delegate certain sales activities is with a coaching management platform. 

Are you eager to know more about how Simply.Coach helps automate sales management for your coaching business? 

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4. Marketing Support 

Marketing is a large part of running a coaching company – drawing in new clients is the backbone of any business. Having a coaching brand, building it, and publicizing it are all key to successful marketing, and it’s not a one-time activity. 

Social media is a great platform for marketing your coaching services, but it does take time and energy. Repetitive tasks like posting, scheduling posts and answering to direct messages are best delegated to virtual assistants.  

Virtual assistants can also help with email marketing, setting up as complex or simple an email schedule as you’d like, remotely. 

5. Program organization and support 

Running coaching programs are a great secondary revenue stream, and also a great primary stream depending on your workload. Setting them up and running them, however, is no mean feat. They require a lot of preparation in terms of creating the material as well as the entire client experience, and then marketing them and running them is a whole other job – not always possible for a person to manage alone.  

A virtual assistant can come handy with polishing the content and creating the program, setting up your sales funnel, creating webpages, linking email sequences, and so on. In-program and post-program activities such as managing attendees, collating queries and responding, etc. can also be supported by your assistant. 

Long story short 

As Richard Branson once rightly said, “the art of delegation is one of the key skills any entrepreneur must master”. We hope our insights help make life and coaching easier for you as the owner of a coaching company. 

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1. How does the delegation of a process help a coaching business owner save time?  

As a coaching business owner, you need to juggle a lot of other tasks associated with the running of the business—such as admin, marketing, and sales. However, your time is best spent coaching – that’s where your expertise as well as your revenue lies. If you more spend time on allied tasks, neither will you be fulfilled nor profitable.  
When you offload yourself by outsourcing some of these activities it’s a win-win situation. On one hand, you can focus more on coaching, enhance your performance and deliver more value to your existing clients and obtain a greater number of clients for your coaching company. On the other hand, assuming that you have delegated these tasks to experts, you get better and faster results from them without spending a fortune in time, money, and effort. 

2. What processes can be delegated in a coaching company?  

When you run a coaching company, you are not just conducting coaching sessions regularly, you end up managing the business from end-to-end. This takes up a lot of your time, which could otherwise be utilized more effectively on coaching. Hence, a lot of coaching companies are delegating certain business-related processes to outside entities. Some of these processes include inbox and calendar management, client onboarding support, sales and marketing, content management, social media support, running programs or webinars and their associated tasks, and so on. 

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