5 Female Business Coaches to Follow in 2024

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April 14, 2023
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Establishing a successful coaching business can be a little more complex for female business coaches. Pre-conceived notions and biases can, at times, act as barriers, creating limitations where they shouldn’t exist. 

But just like in any field, there are standouts who are making waves in the industry. And we believe that the coaches we cover in this article are doing extraordinary work that ought to be covered and celebrated – to give others (like you!) in the field the inspiration and kick off that may be needed. 

We hope these recommendations of female business coaches to follow give you the boost you need to grow your business and pave your own unique path as an entrepreneur! 

Jereshia Hawk 

Jereshia Hawk is a business coach for female entrepreneurs who helps other coaches engineer a sustainable coaching business with a rock-solid organic marketing strategy, a proven curriculum, and outstanding client results.

Her mission is to narrow the racial wealth gap by helping others create sustainable online coaching businesses. She is particularly keen on coaching business owners who not just love what they do, but also want to make an impact. 

In her signature program Leverage, she helps participants create a curriculum-based coaching program and develop strategies & systems from delivery to refinement, which gives their clients a worthy experience and impactful results.  

Jereshia also has a podcast, and her Instagram feed is filled with insightful Reels on growing and scaling one’s business to success. 

Follow Jereshia on Instagram @jereshiahawk 

Learn more about her here

Erin May Henry 

Erin May Henry puts the ‘chill’ in chilled out entrepreneur! Erin is not your average business coach –her communication and coaching style is far from typical. She has a strong business acumen that she shares in her coaching program; Erin is a strong advocate of bringing your most authentic self to your business. This, she believes, is the secret sauce to running a successful business without burning out or feeling out of alignment. 

She dances, she swears, she makes typos…but she owns it all as part of herself, unapologetically. This is what makes her stand far apart from other top business coaches, because what you see is unique and honest.

Her coaching and mentoring program is designed to help entrepreneurs build influence and a 6-figure business. 

Follow Erin on Instagram @erinmayhenry 

Learn more about her here

Dallas Travers 

Dallas Travers is a women’s business coach who helps other value-driven coaches build a business they are truly proud of. What is unique about Dallas is that apart from promoting her own coaching business on her profile, she also highlights the work of other coaches on her feed, bringing the true spirit of collaboration over competition.

Dallas also hosts a podcast called ‘Coaches on a Mission’ where she offers real-time coaching sessions with real-life participants who are looking for proven strategies to bring in more clients, launch successful courses, expand their team, and grow their business. She even slips into the client chair sometimes to be coached by a special guest! Each episode features tangible strategies and essential inner work to help other female entrepreneur coaches stop struggling and start making a real difference in the world.

Follow Dallas on Instagram @dallastraversbizmentor 

Learn more about her here

Mya Nicole 

Mya Nicole is an online business coach for women entrepreneurs who helps business owners grow their presence on Instagram organically and use that growth to increase sales in their business. Those who wish to build a disruptive brand in a sustainable manner, without the unfeasible dream of becoming an overnight success or utilizing quick fixes to get success, will especially relate to her content and methodology.

Mya has coached over 4,000 students worldwide, helping them monetize their accounts and scale to $30k+ months. She teaches organic strategies to business owners to help them scale their businesses. 

Follow Mya on Instagram @myanichol 

Learn more about her here

Hayley Lloyd 

A business & mindset coach, Hayley Lloyd guides entrepreneurs and provides the tools they need to become an authority in their respective industries. With 9+ years’ experience in branding & marketing, 4+ years’ experience at Canva as a Design Lead & Creative Producer, and a certification in hypnotherapy & EFT, Hayley has truly got the credibility to back her offerings.

She has helped dozens of entrepreneurs grow their business in an authentic, honest and real way. Her claim: “My clients go from doing ‘well’ in their businesses, to THRIVING, making consistent a 5+ figure in months, and stepping into the full spectrum of their authority as a coach and entrepreneur.” 

She provides branding, marketing, and mindset coaching for women in business, to help them attract wealth and expand their impact.

Follow Hayley Lloyd on Instagram @hayleyjunelloyd 

Learn more about her here

Elevating Coaching Practices: The Importance of Specializing in Women’s Business Coaching

As the landscape of entrepreneurship evolves, the demand for women’s business coaching grows, highlighting an exciting opportunity for coaches. Specializing as a small business coach for women offers a unique avenue to impact the burgeoning sector of women entrepreneurs. By focusing on women’s business coaching, you can tailor your methodologies to meet the distinct needs of women in business, fostering an environment of empowerment and growth. This specialization not only enhances your portfolio but also contributes significantly to the development of women-led enterprises, underscoring the importance of targeted coaching in today’s diverse business ecosystem.


1. What unique approaches do these female business coaches bring to their coaching practices?

These women business coaches leverage a variety of unique approaches tailored to the needs of women entrepreneurs. For instance, Jereshia Hawk focuses on narrowing the racial wealth gap with organic marketing strategies, while Erin May Henry emphasizes authenticity and self-acceptance in business. Dallas Travers champions collaboration over competition, Mya Nicole advocates for organic Instagram growth, and Hayley Lloyd combines branding expertise with mindset coaching. These approaches not only reflect their individual strengths but also highlight the diversity in coaching for women in business.

2. How have these coaches been recognized or awarded in their fields?

While the content does not specify awards or recognitions, many such top female executive coaches are often recognized through various industry awards, speaking engagements at prestigious events, and features in notable business publications. Their impact and contribution to the field of business coaching for women frequently earn them spots on lists of top business coaches and famous business coaches.

3. What are the core areas of expertise for each of these business coaches?

Jereshia Hawk: Engineering sustainable online businesses and narrowing the racial wealth gap.
Erin May Henry: Authentic business practices and personal branding.
Dallas Travers: Value-driven business growth and collaboration.
Mya Nicole: Instagram growth and disruptive brand building.
Hayley Lloyd: Branding, marketing, and mindset coaching for authority building.

4. What types of programs or services do these coaches offer to entrepreneurs and business owners?

They offer a range of programs and services, including curriculum-based coaching programs (Jereshia Hawk), mentoring programs for building influence and a 6-figure business (Erin May Henry), podcasts featuring real-time coaching (Dallas Travers), and coaching on organic strategies for Instagram growth (Mya Nicole). Hayley Lloyd provides a comprehensive package of branding, marketing, and mindset coaching to help business coach for women entrepreneurs achieve their goals.

5. How do these business coaches integrate personal development into their coaching strategies?

Personal development is a core component of their strategies, with a focus on authenticity (Erin May Henry), self-reflection and collaboration (Dallas Travers), and mindset shifts (Hayley Lloyd). This integration ensures that female entrepreneur coaches not only achieve business success but also experience personal growth and fulfillment.

6. What are the key philosophies or beliefs that guide these coaches in their work with clients?

A common philosophy among these coaches is the belief in the power of authenticity, the importance of sustainability in business, and the impact of personal development on professional success. They advocate for coaching for female entrepreneurs to be true to themselves, build businesses that last, and continuously grow personally.

7. How do these coaches support women in achieving financial freedom and business success?

By offering tailored coaching services, sharing strategies for organic growth and visibility, and fostering a mindset geared towards success, these female entrepreneur business coaches empower women to overcome obstacles and thrive in their ventures. Their work is instrumental in helping women achieve financial freedom and business success, guiding them through the intricacies of entrepreneurship with a focus on impactful results and personal satisfaction.

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