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6 Core Leadership Coaching Skills to Embrace for Maximum Impact

As a coach, you know that coaching is different from training or just consulting. Coaching is about facilitating positive thinking in the individual who’s being coached, developing individual skills, steering them to self-learn, diagnosing obstacles and finding solutions that boost … Read More

The 4-Question Process to Help You Choose the Right Coaching Clients

I usually receive coaching requests from senior executives directly. Sometimes through the HR function of an organisation which essentially means that they have either recognised certain individual(s) within the organisation that they believe could do well with being coached or … Read More

Are You the Driver or Passenger of Your Life?

As a leadership coach you may be working closely with corporate clients who typically are in mid to senior level managerial positions. And while they may be in control of a small part of the puzzle, they are not in … Read More

How to Stand Out as an Online Independent Coach

In a sea of sameness, how does one stand out? As coaching professionals there are so many of us – you could be an independent coach, trainer, consultant or freelancer; and in a sense all of us are looking to … Read More

Why I Don’t Believe in the Motivation Business as an Independent Coach

Why I Don’t Believe in the Motivation Business as an Independent Coach

Before I became an independent coach, in every corporate that I previously worked or come across, there were always some means to motivate people via promotions, growth opportunities or bonuses. Or the ‘carrot’ as they call it, to get people … Read More

independent coaching

What Does It Mean to Be an Independent Coach?

When a person is transitioning into the world of full-time independent coaching from being in a corporate, the best way to think about this new role you’ve adopted for yourself is that you’re not just an independent coach but a … Read More