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Well Begun is Half Done: The Mantra for Leadership Coaching Success

I was recently asked this question: “Ram, you’ve been into leadership coaching for nearly a decade now. What has been the biggest lesson you’ve learnt in this time that has made a monumental shift for you?” There have been so … Read More

The What, Why & How of Leveraging LinkedIn as an Independent Coach

For individuals working in a corporate setting, LinkedIn has become an indispensable tool to grow a network and further one’s professional career. The same applies for independent coaches – but not quite in the same way it does for a … Read More

Creator or Maintainer: Helping Your Client Find Their Approach to Work

Back in 1999-2000 when I was in Sapient, I remember we were working to develop software – large-scale integration projects that were worth a couple of million dollars. Sapient was following what was called the FTFP model – Fixed Time … Read More

Are You the Driver or Passenger of Your Life?

As a leadership coach you may be working closely with corporate clients who typically are in mid to senior level managerial positions. And while they may be in control of a small part of the puzzle, they are not in … Read More

How to Stand Out as an Online Independent Coach

In a sea of sameness, how does one stand out? As coaching professionals there are so many of us – you could be an independent coach, trainer, consultant or freelancer; and in a sense all of us are looking to … Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Coaching Management Software

Thanks to the pandemic, coaching has now almost completely evolved into the digitized coaching imparted today. What was slowly catching up as a sea change in the coaching industry was suddenly expedited into an overnight change from in-person coaching to … Read More

Why I Don’t Believe in the Motivation Business as an Independent Coach

Why I Don’t Believe in the Motivation Business as an Independent Coach

Before I became an independent coach, in every corporate that I previously worked or come across, there were always some means to motivate people via promotions, growth opportunities or bonuses. Or the ‘carrot’ as they call it, to get people … Read More

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Journey of An Expert Coach: How Ram Gopalan Found Coaching & His Go-To Coaching Methodology

This week as part of our Business of Coaching series we interviewed senior leadership & executive coach Ram Gopalan to find out about his journey and how he got started as a coach. Ram is someone who brings decades of … Read More

The top 10 habits of effective business coaches

Coaching is a complex job and can be arduous in a one-on-one setting, let alone a large team/group in an organization. Getting the right balance between supportive, systematic guidance and result-oriented direction is a tricky one to balance.  So in … Read More

How to Identify & Attract the Ideal Coaching Client

Before we explore how to attract the ideal coaching client, let’s first understand what a good client looks like, from the point of view of an independent coach. In my experience, the first and foremost requirement would be for the … Read More