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business coaching software

Simply.Coach: A Comprehensive Business Coaching Software to Grow your Business

Be in life or career, timing is everything. Recognizing and then embracing your moment when it presents itself can change the very path of your life, professional or personal. Once you have immersed yourself into this thriving business of professional … Read More

corporate coaching

What’s Your Corporate Coaching Niche?

Corporate coaching comes in all shapes and sizes. If you are a coach in the corporate world, you are not restricted to coaching one way or another. But from experience, I can say that picking an area of specialisation, as … Read More

What Problems Does a Life Coach Help Solve?

Life coaching has many definitions and what each type of life coach offers can vary to a large degree. But all life coaching practices have one main objective: helping clients bridge the gap between where they are in life right … Read More

What is Life Coaching & How Does It Work?

Some stunning highlights to come out of the comprehensive 2020 ICF Global Coaching Study  Coaching is a highly flourishing industry which had an estimated worldwide revenue of $2.84 billion in 2019, an increase of 21% since 2015 The global market … Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Group Life Coaching

Life coaching is a mutual partnership between a life coach and their client that is rooted in trust and understanding, where the final objective is to support & guide the client on the path of self-discovery and realization of their … Read More

why coaching is important in leadership

The Importance of Leadership Coaching and Some Key Benefits

The real contributors to the success of any organisation are the individuals that are part of it and the role that they play; each employee in the organisation, whether they are junior, mid-level or senior, is vital to the organisation. … Read More

Life Coaching Techniques

Life Coaching Techniques & Skills Every Coach Should Know

The career trajectory for most coaches is more or less similar when they enter the industry. In such a scenario, how does one stand out? One primary thing you need to do, before you work on those sales and marketing … Read More

5 Reasons Why Executive Coaching is Beneficial to Leaders as Well as Organisations

I was recently asked this question “Why is executive coaching important?” And with executive coaching slowly gaining popularity worldwide, I frequently come across people who are not entirely aware of who an executive coach is and how hiring an executive … Read More

Exploring The Anatomy of a Life Coaching Session

Getting caught in the daily challenges that life throws at us can create instances of self-doubt and insecurities for an individual, diverting them from their goals – both personal and professional. In such situations, receiving guidance from a trained professional … Read More

Here’s How a Coaching Culture Could Transform Your Organisation

Gary Vaynerchuck once said,“You don’t build culture by offering free snacks or a gym membership or open seating. You build culture by talking to people and understanding what they care about” And that I think is the essence of what … Read More