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Here’s How a Coaching Culture Could Transform Your Organisation

Gary Vaynerchuck once said,“You don’t build culture by offering free snacks or a gym membership or open seating. You build culture by talking to people and understanding what they care about” And that I think is the essence of what … Read More

6 Core Leadership Coaching Skills to Embrace for Maximum Impact

As a coach, you know that coaching is different from training or just consulting. Coaching is about facilitating positive thinking in the individual who’s being coached, developing individual skills, steering them to self-learn, diagnosing obstacles and finding solutions that boost … Read More

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Who’s the Buyer of the Personal Coaching Business?

When it comes to a personal coaching business, one would assume that the one who buys the coaching service is the one who needs it. That’s what the straightforward assumption would be. In some cases, like when it comes to … Read More