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6 Core Leadership Coaching Skills to Embrace for Maximum Impact

As a coach, you know that coaching is different from training or just consulting. Coaching is about facilitating positive thinking in the individual who’s being coached, developing individual skills, steering them to self-learn, diagnosing obstacles and finding solutions that boost … Read More

The 4-Question Process to Help You Choose the Right Coaching Clients

Choosing the right coaching clients is one of the most important first steps towards creating a successful coaching journey. We’re showing you how to do just that! … Read More

10 Effective Business Coaching Strategies to Create Successful Engagements

Some people are born leaders, some become leaders by accident, whereas most learn how to be good leaders. Apart from a select few who instinctively understand how to lead, most executives employ the services of business coaches who guide them … Read More

Coaching business

Pivoting Your Coaching Business During a Pandemic

The pandemic has changed the way each business functions, and it’s no different for the coaching business. Keep reading for pointers on how to pivot your business successfully in trying times. … Read More