High Performance Coaching – Top 10 Coaches to Follow on Instagram in 2024 

May 30, 2023
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According to PwC, coaching is the second-most growing sector in the world. While that’s exciting news for anyone wanting to turn their experience into coaching success, it’s also an alarm bell; there’s no lack of competition for new entrants in the field. 

A great way forward, then, is to learn from the experience of others. Because while the coaching market has certainly gotten crowded, there are plenty of names that have made it big – by sheer experience, hard work, and with excellent marketing. 

Whether you are looking for inspiration, motivation, or you are just looking to learn from the experienced, we have curated a list of 10 performance coaches who have effectively used online marketing to reflect their expertise and grow their business. 

Not only will you find out what is a performance coach but also gain expert tips on high performance coaching from some of the best in business!

1. Tim Perreira (16k followers on LinkedIn) 

Tim has over 16k followers on LinkedIn. His bio reads that he is a performance coach for men, though you’ll find both men and women follow him on the networking platform. If you’re getting started on LinkedIn marketing for your practice, here’s a leaf to take out of his book: Tim’s posts are very relatable because he shares nuggets of his life story followed by what he did wrong, and a stepwise guide to change whatever needs to change. His content is full of his personal story, and that relatability helps his audience connect with him. 

2. Aditi Surana (17k followers on Instagram) 

Aditi is the founder of APT Mental Gym, through which she aims to make mental fitness more fun, functional, and fashionable; a great way to eradicate the taboos surrounding mental fitness. Her list of achievements is quite long, but she stands out more because of her unique, outgoing brand. She started creating content with the goal of helping people achieve their full potential. 

She posts videos and carousels of her life candidly as well as educational content that entertains as well as creates awareness. Aditi talks about being a dyslexic without any shame or regret, and educates her audience about tackling inhibitions, mental stress, anxiety, and many such mental health challenges with fun videos. If you need one takeaway from Aditi’s marketing, it’s to be yourself so you stand out from the crowd. 

3. James Wedmore (114k on Instagram) 

Humbling life goals reminders, fun memes, awareness videos, relatable life wisdom nuggets, manifesting your goals, you will find all of these and more on James Wedmore’s Instagram account. He is a business performance coach with a massive following and runs a “Mind your business” podcast. His bio reads “Infusing Modern-Day Business Principles with Ancient Wisdom to Explode Your Performance & Create Quantum Leaps in Revenue”, which is why you will find a spiritual angle to his content. 
Don’t forget to take note of his consistent use of brand colours and a brand template. 

4. Josh Terry (203k on Instagram)

Every post of Josh’s has eye-opening revelations that start with very relatable problems, and that’s what makes his content unique. His videos (in the self-talk format) usually start with a unique challenge such as disillusionment, luck, narcissism, how to learn, how to improve yourself, human needs, addiction, bad habits, letting go, leadership and more.  

His followers engage with him for a heart-to-heart discussion on the topic being addressed which makes him a well-liked coach. 

Your key takeaway? Social media is for conversations, not just posts – being relatable and engaging your audience in conversations is everything. 

5. Lindsey Paoli (13.6k followers on Instagram) 

Lindsey is a mind performance coach. She is a therapist by qualification. Lindsey uniquely qualifies to be a mind performance coach because she is a survivor of mental health illness and suicide attempts. She educates people on how to take care of their mental health to perform at their best. 

Her content consists of relatable reels and static posts on mental health care. She also shares tips on how to take care of one’s mental health with examples and stories of her own life. An important takeaway from her content is that stories from personal life always work even if they do not sit in line with your overall strategy and brand guidelines or are not perfectly edited. The audience always resonates with raw and real stories.  

6. Sandra Glandt  (22.8k followers on Instagram) 

Sandra was the winner of Mrs. International 2022, and as a performance coach she appeals to that large niche that’s garnering more attention today: working moms. As she says in her bio, she helps “overwhelmed boss moms work less and make more”.  

The main takeaway for Sandra’s audience is some serious motivation. She knows her clients and the typical problems they face on the day-to-day basis well, and she ensures that she addresses all of them with actionable content.  

A great takeaway for you would be the strength of her content: once you take the time to know your audience (potential clients), note their challenges, and create content in a problem-solution format. Another great leaf to take out of Sandra’s book is her tone – you will leave her profile feeling positive, motivated and ready for growth, and that’s something to inspire in your own clients. 

7. Moe Abbassi (15.6k followers on Instagram) 

Featured on Fox, USA Today, and Yahoo, Moe is a mindset and performance coach that stands out for his personal, raw content. Plenty of Moe’s posts are videos of him talking, sharing hacks for for showing up as one’s best self and sharing his own journey. He also inspires and preaches mental healthcare, especially to men, having had his own experience with depression and anxiety and worked hard overcome it. 

Besides his popularity, Moe makes it to our list for one particular reason: His candid posts and real talk are a great takeaway for anyone who thinks social media is only about creating picture-perfect branded posts. Connecting with your audience often comes down to your content, and not just how you present it. 

8. Brett Bartholomew (101k on Instagram) 

Brett’s Instagram page is another example of staying true to yourself on social media. Full of advice and tips, his posts on topics like communication skills, workouts, and leadership lessons from people around us are motivating because they exude authenticity. 

One way he does this is by interspersing his coaching content with personal posts occasionally, and by providing a daily dose of inspiration instead of just high-level advice. 

9. Elliot Roe (4.5k on Instagram) 

Elliot is the founder of the “Primed Mind” podcast and he helps high performers achieve rapid professional and personal growth. He has coached executives of 7-9 figures businesses, athletes, VCs and Entrepreneurs.  

His Instagram consists of mainly snippets of important conversations with high-performing individuals on his podcast ‘Primed Mind’ and ‘The Mindset Advantage’. Follow him if you are looking for a less distracting and uniform content format that also helps you grow every day – his page is also a great lesson in brand consistency. 

10. Oriana (3K+ on Instagram)  

Oriana is an executive coach, vitality coach, and personal performance coach. She is the founder of The Edgy Entrepreneur Podcast and has been recognized as one of the top 10 performance coaches by Yahoo! Finance. 

Oriana breaks limiting beliefs and posts novel perspectives of seemingly mundane relationship challenges such as communicating needs, being receptive, mutuality, commitment, abandoning, and more. Follow her to understand how to build deep connections with your coachees. 

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