Simran Bellani

Simran Bellani

Content Marketing Ninja @ Simply.Coach

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Ipsita Nayak

Origin & History

Simran is the typical engineer turned marketer and storyteller. She started her journey as a translator and freelance content writer. She has worked in the advertising industry as a writer, analyst, community manager and social media business manager

Current Position in Organization

Simran leads content marketing at Simply.Coach, from content strategy to performance analysis and experimenting with new ways of achieving marketing goals

Goals & Achievements

  • Simran has helped top B2C brands deliver the right message to their audiences with her analytical skills and innate empathy
  • She has founded Global Career Stories, a medium to help professionals in career crisis get unstuck with the right dose of inspiration from relatable career stories of professionals who have been there and done that
  • Her travel blog has been published in a coffee table book ‘Musafir’

Other Interesting Facts:

Simran looks meek on the outside but always wins an argument with logical reasoning

Books Recommended by Author

  • Eat That Frog – Brian Tracy
  • So Good They Can’t Ignore You – Cal Newport
  • The Power of Your Subconscious Mind – Dr. Joseph Murphy
  • Origin & Deception Point – Dan Brown
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