6 Therapists and Counsellors to Follow on Instagram [2024]

April 25, 2023
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Therapists and counsellors are often reluctant about promoting themselves and their practice on social media, Instagram in particular. And we get it, marketing on Instagram has a reputation for feeling almost misleading, so it can seem like an uncomfortable prospect for someone whose life purpose roots in selflessness and authenticity. 

The idea, however, is to use Instagram to create valuable content, helping your audience become more aware of the importance of mental healthcare, helping them feel seen and heard, and providing any advice you can. Your audience turns into a cache of prospective clients who’ll have you top of mind when they need to reach out to someone, and therein lies your marketing strategy. 

Today, there are numerous mental health accounts on Instagram sharing knowledge and resources to help bring more awareness around the field of mental health. This helps people get educated about mental healthcare, and it helps therapists and counsellors grow their business and bring in clients and revenue. 

All this is happening tastefully and in keeping with the compliance and ethics of the profession. It can, however, sound easier than it is to execute.  

So, to help you get started, here’s a list of accounts of therapists and counsellors to follow on Instagram to understand the different ways in which the platform can be used for promoting one’s practice. 

1. Sara Kuburic [@millennial.therapist

Perhaps one of the most well-known therapists on Instagram, Sara Kuburic is a psychotherapist who has over 1.5 million followers! She calls herself an existential therapist – a trauma-informed clinician with a person-centered approach grounded in existential analysis as well as somatic and experiential techniques. 

Her Instagram feed is full of shareable static and carousel content that covers helpful tips on overcoming general issues and obstacles in people’s lives. From reframing negative self-talk to recognising signs of emotional unavailability and setting healthy boundaries, Sara’s content works because it is relatable for almost everybody and the tips are also easy to understand and implement; she manages to make complex psychological matters easy to work with for the average person. It’s no wonder then that she is incredibly popular! 

We recommend scrolling through her feed to see for yourself that creating content for social media can be quite simple, even as a social media newbie. 

Follow her on Instagram @millenial.therapist 

2. Dr.Nicole LePera [@holistic psychologist

If you’re on Instagram, you may have come across a post by the @holisticpsychologist either on your Explore page or on a friend’s Story at some point in time. With a whopping 6.5 million followers, Dr.Nicole’s take on mental health has been termed ‘radical’ in a Forbes article.  

LePera particularly stands out because she openly talks about the missing pieces in traditional health education system, citing the major problem being the disassociation between mind and body. “It’s focused on the diagnostic model,” she explains, “which means labelling symptoms as disorders. I was trained that all people can do is basically manage symptoms. I wish I had been taught more about trauma, epigenetics, and the importance of conscious awareness. These are things I teach every day now because they lead to immense healing.” 

“The main issue with clinical psychology is there is a lack of empowerment. We are now showing people the power of choice, habit, and environment that they can change if they do the work.” 

Dr. Nicole LePera 

She believes that trauma is at the root of our mental health crisis and uses her Instagram profile to help people gain more awareness about it so that they can be more empowered to address it. Through her platform she talks about her books, podcast, blog, YouTube videos, and her membership-based subscription program ‘The Self Healers Circle’ – a great way to market all her products and services while proving immense value to her audience. 

Follow her on Instagram @holisticpsychologist 

3. Amanda E. White [therapyforwomen

Having retired from being a party girl to a relatable therapist, Amanda E. White is the woman behind the popular Instagram account @therapyforwomen. Recovered from trauma, substance abuse, and an eating disorder, she started her therapy practice out of frustration with the lack of modern approaches to therapy. 

Therapy is for everyone, but Amanda particularly serves women to help them serve boundaries, change their drinking habits, and create the lives they love. Why? Because women in particular face major imposter syndrome and find it challenging to set boundaries, amongst other things. 

Through Instagram, she promotes her podcast, books, and therapy services – thus making optimum use of the platform for her practice. 

Follow her on Instagram @therapyforwomen 

4. Dr Leah Katz [dr.leahkatz] 

Leah Katz, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist and author practicing in Portland, Oregon. 

Dr. Katz is passionate about girls’ and women’s mental health, and helps women navigate challenges to live deeply connected and fulfilled lives. 

She currently has a private practice where she specializes in working with teenagers and adults, with a focus on treating anxiety and depression. She uses a hybrid of cognitive behaviour, ACT, and mindfulness techniques in her therapy work. She likes to weave in mindfulness and incorporates mindfulness concepts as well. 

Her Instagram profile is actually quite simple to look at – no fancy creatives or illustrations or colour palettes. This goes to show you don’t need to hire a designer or be an expert in Canva to create impactful content – if what your content has substance and weight and provides value to others, you can keep it simple and let your work and content do the talking! 

Follow her on Instagram @dr.leahkatz 

5. Dr Alexandra H Solomon [dr.alexandra.solomon] 

Dr. Alexandra Solomon is a relationship therapist, author, and speaker. Over the last two decades, she has become a trusted voice in the world of relationships and her work on Relational Self-Awareness has reached millions of people around the world. 

Her background in women and gender studies (in addition to her degree in counselling psychology) makes her particularly credible for women clients. 

Aside from her therapy services, she also has a couple of books, several online courses, live summits, a podcast, newsletter and more to offer to her audience. 

Follow her on Instagram @dr.alexandra.solomon 

6. Jeff Guenther [@therapyjeff] 

Not all therapists on Instagram worth following are women, in case our list so far made you think so! Enter Jeff Guenther – a licensed professional counsellor (LPC) with a bachelor’s degree in child & family development and master’s degree in marriage and family therapy. 

Jeff’s Instagram is a colourful collection of content tiles that present common relationship concerns, raise awareness around those topics, and provide simple ways of addressing them.  

Examples of the kind of content you can find on Jeff’s page include staying happy in a long-term relationship, relationship red & green flags, questions to ask yourself before breaking up, signs of psychological growth, questions to ask your partner before getting married…and a whole plethora of content related to dating, relationships, and family. 

Jeff’s profile comes across as super positive and approachable at first look. The Reels where he expands on different subject matters are crisp and interesting – something to get inspired by if you’re a therapist looking to grow your Instagram page! 

Follow him on Instagram @therapyjeff 

We hope you found this curation helpful, and that it can serve as inspiration for you to get started with marketing your own therapy and counselling practice on Instagram. 

Exploring the Impact of Renowned Mental Health Professionals on Instagram

In an era where digital presence significantly influences public awareness and education, certain famous psychologists on Instagram have managed to bridge the gap between clinical knowledge and the general public’s understanding of mental health. Among them, Dr. Nicole LePera, known as @holisticpsychologist, stands out for her revolutionary approach to mental wellness, blending traditional psychology with holistic practices. Her work exemplifies how Instagram therapists are revolutionizing the way we perceive mental health care.

The platform is not just a space for personal branding but has become a vital educational tool, hosting best psychology Instagram accounts that offer invaluable insights into mental health. Accounts like these serve as therapy Instagram accounts, providing a blend of professional advice, personal anecdotes, and motivational content aimed at fostering a deeper understanding of psychological well-being.

Furthermore, the psychologist on Instagram phenomenon has paved the way for therapists to share their expertise beyond the confines of their offices, making mental health knowledge accessible to all. This movement not only destigmatizes seeking help but also educates the public on the importance of mental health care.

By following these trailblazers, we can gain access to a wealth of knowledge that can inspire us to embark on our own journeys as mental health and wellness practitioners. These professionals are not just famous therapists; they are educators, advocates, and allies in the fight against mental health stigma, showcasing the power of social media as a force for good in the realm of mental health.

Source: Forbes 


1. Who is the most followed Instagram therapist?  

Dr. Nicole LePera is the most followed Instagram therapist, with over 6.5 million followers. LePera particularly stands out and is popular because she openly talks about the missing pieces in the traditional health education system, citing the major problem as the disassociation between mind and body. She talks about trauma, epigenetics, and the importance of conscious awareness on her platform, among other things. 

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