Top 11 Career Coaches to Follow on LinkedIn [2024]

March 29, 2023
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The recent recession and layoffs have made the global job market challenging for job seekers and employers alike. As a career coach, however, it can be a time full of opportunities for you – more professionals are in transition, more enterprises need severance support, independent consultants need help to leverage new opportunities, and so on. 

Standing out from the crowd of career coaches and increasing your client base, however, can be a challenge. What if you could learn from some of the best career coaches’ business & marketing strategies?  

Let’s look at some top career coaches who have built successful businesses: 

1. Daisy Swan 

A certified career coach with over 20,000 hours of coaching, Daisy’s clients range from CEOs to new graduates. Among others, she draws her coaching strengths from years of training in the science of neuroplasticity, experience working with MBA students and graduates, and lifelong mindfulness meditation practice. She writes a blog, sends a regular newsletter to clients, and has been quoted in mainstream media houses like The Huffington Post, New York Post, NBC, and the like. Alongside career coaching, Daisy offers services like interview and resume coaching too. 

Social media presence: LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook 

2. Nicole Bannon 

Relatively new to the coaching circuit with 5 years of experience under her belt, Nicole’s clients boast of getting offers in top-tier companies like Google, Twitter, Facebook, Salesforce, and more. With a degree in Cognitive Science, she discovered a passion for inspiring others and enabling them to achieve their dreams while still in college. Now a full-time negotiations coach at California-based career agency Rora, Nicole has helped her clients receive huge increases in their offers. When she’s not donning her career coach hat, Nicole organizes negotiation seminars to educate ignored student groups and I&D organizations on how to get the best while securing their interests.  

Social media presence: LinkedIn 

3. Chellie Phillips 

Irresistible: That’s the most critical word in Chellie Phillips’ career coaching dictionary. As a career coach/speaker/corporate trainer, Chellie excels at creating an irresistible brand, culture and mindset for her clients to land the perfect job or attract the most talented employees. She is an author, a podcast speaker and a blogger too. She even has a USP: Chellie has developed the Successfully Ever After coaching formula to help clients learn the power of personal career branding in getting their dream job. 

Social media presence: LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook 

4. Samorn Selim 

Samorn Selim is a lawyer-turned-career coach whose personal story is nothing short of an inspiration. The daughter of Lao refugees, she fought against all odds to become a successful lawyer just in her mid-20s. However, after a bout of feeling overwhelmed, stuck and anxious, she worked with a career coach who helped her keep her woes at bay. Thereafter, she herself has coached 1,000 BIPOC, women, and first-generation professionals to build their dream career. Today, along with being an attorney, she is the founder and ‘Creative Joy Director’ of Career Unicorns, member of various top leadership and career boards, and an HBR contributor. Her services consist of personal, group and organizational coaching.    

Social media presence: LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube 

5. Will Rippetoe 

He calls himself an ‘interview beast’. Will Rippetoe is a career coach who helps job seekers a) get more interviews and b) crush every interview and c) land a new job ‘2x faster’. He discovered his passion for career coaching when he worked at HP and Amazon. Will believed in creating simple, repeatable processes that help others get hired too. He claims that his average client’s total compensation increase is pegged at over $50K/year. Although he has created numerous job opportunities for Directors and VPs, Will specializes in roles in Marketing, Sales, Finance, etc. He’s also launched digital courses that are economically priced and gaining a lot of traction. 

Social media presence: LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook 

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6. Gina Visram 

Gina Visram’s ‘limitless’ career coaching aims at helping clients establish a greater work-life balance. Gina is a working woman’s career coach, guiding them towards enjoying work on their own terms. Her Creative Career Solutions for Parents initiative consists of one-on-one and group programs, inspired by the multi-cultural perspectives she brings in with her life and educational experience in Guyana, Montserrat, Barbados, Kenya and London. She’s also an author and regularly publishes newsletters and podcasts for her clients and prospects.  

Social media presence: LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook 

7. Mark Langford 

A Harvard MBA graduate with 30 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies, Mark is an entrepreneur and career coach helping individuals develop their own unique brand, network effectively, and ace interviews. He is the founder of career coaching company C-Synergy. He has worked with 1,000+ clients so far and claims to have a 95%+ success rate in helping people find new careers and increase their compensation and job fulfilment. A bestselling author and award-winning coach, Mark’s services include career counselling, entrepreneur coaching, leadership development programs, interview training and coaching practice development sessions. 

Social media presence: LinkedIn 

8. Tania Mendes 

Tania Mendes’ Revamp Career Camp group coaching program is specifically designed to help BIPOC women revamp their mind, performances and career. And for high performing women to get hired, paid, and promoted into leadership positions, she has the 9ToThrive bootcamp program that focuses on career, mindset and leadership development. Featured in media publications and radio talk shows, Tania’s mission in life is to enable women to change their lives and change the workplace. 

Social media presence: LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook 

9. Lily Woi 

Lily Woi’s career coaching helps clients build their confidence, own their value, be effortlessly visible and excellent communicators. An executive leadership and career advancement coach as well as a certified transformation coach, Lily helps revisit, realign, and redesign individuals’ leadership style, expertise and strategy for ready success. She takes pride in working with people at every step of their journey, building a supportive community to use each other’s experiences to an advantage, and enabling mindset transformation through shedding all limiting beliefs. Lily is also a contributor to a magazine, member of the Institute of Leadership and Management, and a DiSC and Talent Predix Practitioner. 

Social media presence: LinkedIn 

10. Kitty Boinott 

Kitty Boinott is a job search and career transition coach, specifically working in the public education sector. Being a former educator herself, she understands how teachers may feel burned out due to stress and frustration and can be on the lookout for a career switch. So far, she has helped 200+ teachers make career transitions and 1000+ teachers to deal with stress and overwhelm. Kitty also offers services like networking advice, resume help, and interview coaching. Along with running her own coaching company, Kitty is a podcast and YouTube host, an author and official member of the Forbes Coaching Council. 

Social media presence: LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter 

11. Dorrianne St Fleur 

Talk about high performance: Dorianne’s 1 Day Job Search Program delivers a keyword-rich, ATS-friendly resume that “impresses hiring managers in 7 seconds or less”. This helps people land their dream jobs 5x faster by conveying their unique expertise in their resume and LinkedIn profiles. Dorianne’s personalized job search strategy also eliminates overwhelm and burnout for people and helps them land high paying, impactful roles that are aligned with their values. 

Social media presence: LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram 

This jittery job market is an open field for career coaches (career transition coaches in specific), but you can only make the most of it with some careful business and marketing strategies. We hope you are inspired by these top career coaches! 

Sources: Laweekly, Forbes, Coachfoundation 


1. Who are the top career coaches? 

Some of the top career coaches include Daisy Swan, Nicole Bannon, Chellie Phillips, Samorn Selim, Will Rippetoe, Gina Visram, Mark Langford, Tania Mendes, Lily Woi, and Dorrianne St Fleur. 

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