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feedback in coaching

The Role of Data & Feedback in Coaching Journeys

When you’re on a coaching journey with a client, you’re looking at it through the context of the individual or the group you’re coaching. The focus remains largely on the conversations that take place in the actual coaching sessions and

Coaching business

Pivoting Your Coaching Business During a Pandemic

“A pivot is a change in strategy without a change in vision” – Eric Reis This pandemic came like a storm and changed the way so many businesses function – most industries that have been long-thriving were suddenly faced with

life coach

Specialist Vs Generalist: Which Coaching Route to Take?

There are many kinds of coaches out there: life coach, executive coach, leadership coach, football coach, basketball coach…the list goes on. And when you mention the term football or basketball coach to a layman, they would instantly be able to

personal coaching business

Who’s the Buyer of the Personal Coaching Business?

When it comes to a personal coaching business, one would assume that the one who buys the coaching service is the one who needs it. That’s what the straightforward assumption would be. In some cases, like when it comes to