life coaching

Exploring The Anatomy of a Life Coaching Session

Getting caught in the daily challenges that life throws at us can create instances of self-doubt and insecurities for an individual, diverting them from their goals – both personal and professional. In such situations, receiving guidance from a trained professional … Read More

Understanding the Difference Between a Health and Life Coach

The art of coaching can be challenging. Disciplining and educating yourself for the purpose of development of others can never be a simple task. However, without practice, there is no transformation. We can be fully aware of and committed to … Read More

7 Different Coaching Niches You Can Specialise In

The world of coaching might seem like a tough place to navigate for a new coach – even for a veteran it sometimes is! That is why finding your own niche is important in order to help you understand what … Read More

life coaching

The Path to Coaching Mastery

The moment you take on the role of a coach, whether you’re in the field of life coaching or executive coaching, the primary thing to keep in mind throughout the journey (no matter how many clients you coach) is that … Read More