Types of Life Coaches (Part II): 5 Lesser-Known Niches to Specialize In  

September 1, 2022
life coaching niches

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As well-known and widely used a term as ‘life coaching’ is, it is also one that can be confusing in terms of what it entails as you can have life coaches that are generic in their offering or super specific in their niche. 

Another thing to note is that life coaching in general is an over-saturated area of coaching. So, if you’re a freshly-minted coach, it can get overwhelming to see the number of life coaches around you and wonder how you’re ever going to stand out and make a name for yourself. 

For that very reason, it is vital to pick the right niche for yourself. Of course, this is not something that can be done overnight and doesn’t even need figuring out immediately after getting certified – it is a gradual process of discovery and can even evolve over time. 

In part I of the different types of life coaches, we covered some of the most highly sought-after niches in terms of profitability as well as their high search volume on Google. You can check out the article here

Here in part II, we want to touch upon unique coaching niches that are relatively lesser-known and thus are not quite as saturated. So, go ahead and take a look at this varied life coaching niches list – maybe something clicks for you in your new journey as a life coach! 

1. Interview Coach 

Job interviews might be one of the most unnerving things for an individual to undergo in the professional world. Even those who have gone through several job changes in their career can get overwhelmed at the thought of preparing for a new role.  

Interview coaches address this very predicament that many working individuals face at some point in their professional lifetime – some more so than others. Those who are particularly underconfident in making a good first impression with the interviewer and require guidance & assistance to help land a worthy job, may seek the help of interview coaches.  

The work of an interview coach is not solely dependent on skill building and transference; a major portion of the job lies in addressing mindset issues and blockages. By helping clients manage their skills and mindset, an interview coach helps them demonstrate an edge over other applicants – thus increasing their chances of landing the job that they desire. 

2. Confidence Coach 

Self-esteem issues, shyness, limiting beliefs, doubts, fears, and previous traumas – these are some of the things that keep so many of us stuck and afraid to take risks and move forward in life. If this continues to happen throughout one’s life, it creates a state of discontentment and unfulfillment – sometimes even bordering on resentment when they can see others seemingly sailing through life with ease & success. When left unattended for prolonged periods of time, lack of confidence can become an almost debilitating force that comes in the way of an individual living a happy and fulfilled life. 

The job of a confidence coach is to take their client out of their comfort zone. A coach can help them get unstuck from their previous patterns of self-doubt, hesitation, and limiting beliefs, towards newer patterns of thinking & acting that aligns with how they want to live their lives in the future. These can manifest in so many different ways – applying for a job or a promotion, preparing for a public speaking event, becoming a better leader, trying new and more exciting things in life, getting out of a rut, in dating & relationship aspects – to name a few. 

3. Accountability Coach 

Another promising addition to different types of life coaches is accountability coaching. The American Society of Training & Development found that publicly committing your goals to someone gives you a 65% chance of completing them. However, the chances of success jump to 95% if you have an accountability partner!  

And that’s the entire premise of accountability coaching. Whether it is to do with keeping one accountable on their fitness journey or towards their entrepreneurship goals accountability is crucial to help an individual follow through on their set goals and reach the finish line. 

Accountability coaches help their clients in several ways, some of which include: 

  • Readjust and reframe goals & tasks to make them SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound) 
  • Help identify their blockers and analyse setbacks 
  • Follow up regularly to help them stay on top of their goals 
  • Provide support and strategies to increase chances of success 

Essentially, accountability coaching is a niche within life coaching that enables a client to achieve their desired goals in the most effective and efficient possible way, by helping them stay accountable. This requires a deep understanding of clients’ different personality types and their individual tendencies before devising coaching journeys for them. 

4. Burnout Coach 

According to Workplace Burnout Survey, 84% millennials say that they have experienced burnout at their current jobs. And nearly half of all millennials say that they have left a job specifically because they felt burned out. Now, those are worrying numbers and goes to show that burnout has become an epidemic that needs to be addressed with much urgency. 

Burnout is essentially the final stages of chronic stress and is deemed to be a medical condition that can become rather serious if not addressed on time – it is said to even lead to stroke and depression if not managed. 

A burnout coach or a burnout management coach also comes under the different types of life coaches umbrella, and helps clients prevent, manage and treat burnout by guiding them to make subtle lifestyle changes and providing them with techniques, strategies and tools to deal with signs and symptoms of burnout. A burnout coach provides the client with a structured plan that involves weekly execution of simple steps, exercises, and techniques that help overcome current burnout and also equip them in preventing getting caught up in a burnout whirlpool in the future. 

5. Spiritual Coach  

Spiritual coaching is a very unusual and one of the unique coaching niches under life coaching that has slowly picked up in popularity in recent times. Spiritual life coaches help their clients explore deeper connections within their physical & material life with that of the existence at large. 

There is a specific set of clients that opt for spiritual coaching, for instance those who are looking for a deeper purpose in their lives, wish to understand existence and its energies, or want support & guidance in deeper aspects of their spiritual lives. Even within the spiritual coaching niche, there are many sub niches, such as energy healing, crystal healing, reiki heling, Shamanism, and spiritual coaching based on the premise of Christianity or any other religion – to name a few. 

Needless to say, for someone who is looking to become a spiritual coach, it is highly imperative that they have a solid background in spirituality and take thorough measures to conduct it with the utmost integrity. 


1. What are some unique coaching niches for a life coach? 

There are different types of life coaches who can specialize in varied niches, but some of the lesser-known and unique life coaching niches include: parenting coach, spiritual coach, pregnancy coach, burnout coach, interview coach, sleep coach, divorce coach, organisational coach, habits coach, ADHD coach, and so many more! 

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