15 Social Media Post Ideas for Relationship Coaches 

November 17, 2023
15 Social Media Post Ideas for Relationship Coaches

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In today’s digital age, social media platforms have become invaluable tools for relationship coaches to connect with their audience, share insights, and build their online presence. However, finding engaging and relevant social media post ideas can be a challenge.  

If you’re a relationship coach looking to spice up your social media game, this article is here to help. We’ll explore creative and effective social media content ideas that can captivate your audience and establish your authority in the field. Let’s jump right in. 

15 social media post ideas for relationship coaches 

1. Inspirational quotes 

Share quotes that resonate with your audience. These can be about love, personal growth, or relationships. Add your unique perspective or commentary to make the post more engaging. 

Example: “Love is not about finding the right person, but creating a right relationship. – Anon 💖 Your journey towards a healthier relationship starts with you. #RelationshipGoals #SelfLove” 

2. Testimonials and success stories 

Share before-and-after stories from clients (with their permission) to illustrate the positive impact of your coaching. You need not go into specifics – simply talk about the challenges and how they were addressed and worked upon. 

Example: If you can, share a heartfelt testimonial from a client who improved their relationship with your guidance. If not, create a template for success stories and share learnings from real life couples. 

4. Infographics 

Create infographics with relationship advice, statistics, or tips. Visual content is highly shareable, and you can include your branding for recognition. 

Example: Create an infographic with “5 Keys to Effective Communication in Relationships.” Use icons and bullet points to make the information easily digestible. 

5. Live Q&A sessions:  

Host live video sessions where you answer questions from your followers in real-time. Promote these sessions in advance and engage with comments and questions. The questions from these sessions will also provide you with social media topics for your pages. 

Example: “Join me live tomorrow at 3 PM for a Q&A session on handling conflicts in relationships. Post your questions in advance or ask them during the live session. Let’s navigate the rough waters of love together! 💬👫” 

5. Relationship challenges 

Develop a 30-day relationship challenge with daily tasks or prompts. Encourage participants to share their experiences, creating a sense of community. 

Example: “Day 1 of the #30DaysOfLove Challenge: Write a heartfelt note to your partner and share it with them. Tag us and use the hashtag to connect with other participants. Let’s spread the love! 💞” 

6. Behind-the-scenes 

This is one of those social media topics that can garner great engagement. Show glimpses of your daily life as a relationship coach. Share your workspace, routines, and personal insights. This humanizes your brand and fosters a connection with your audience. 

Example: Share a photo of your desk setup, along with a caption describing your morning routine or how you prepare for coaching sessions. 

7. Book/Movie recommendations 

Share your favorite books or movies that offer valuable insights into relationships. Explain why you recommend each one and ask for your followers’ recommendations. 

Example: “Looking for weekend inspiration? I highly recommend ‘The 5 Love Languages’ by Gary Chapman. It’s a game-changer for understanding how we express and receive love. Have you read it?” 

8. Interactive polls 

Create relationship-related polls to spark discussions and gather opinions. Encourage your followers to comment with their thoughts and engage in constructive conversations. 

Example: “Poll: Which aspect of a relationship do you think is most challenging? a) Communication, b) Trust, c) Intimacy. Cast your vote and let’s discuss in the comments. #RelationshipTalk” 

9. Video tips 

Create short video clips (1-2 minutes) offering quick relationship advice or addressing common issues. Use engaging visuals and captions for better retention. 

Example: Create a short video discussing “5 Signs of a Healthy Relationship” with engaging visuals and concise explanations. 

10. Guest posts 

Collaborate with other relationship coaches or experts in the field for guest posts or interviews. Share their expertise and unique perspectives while introducing your audience to new voices in the relationship coaching world. 

Example: “Thrilled to have @ExpertRelationshipCoach share their wisdom with us today. Check out our latest blog post for their insights on building trust in relationships. Link in bio!” 

11. Themed days 

Dedicate specific days to focus on particular relationship topics. For example, “Communication Mondays” could feature tips on effective communication in relationships. Consistency helps your audience know what to expect. 

Example: “Welcome to #SelfCareSaturday! Today, let’s talk about self-care in relationships. Share your favorite self-care practices with your partner in the comments. 💆‍♀️❤️” 

12. Interactive stories 

Use social media story features (e.g., Instagram Stories) to create quizzes, polls, and interactive content related to relationships. Use stickers and interactive features to engage your audience. 

Example: Use Instagram Stories to create a quiz on “What’s Your Love Language?” with options for viewers to choose and reveal their results. 

13. Interactive challenges 

Create challenges like “Tag Your Relationship Hero” where followers tag someone who’s been influential in their relationships. Encourage user-generated content and sharing. 

Example: “Tag Your Relationship Hero: Who has had a significant positive impact on your love life? Tag them and share your story. Let’s celebrate love together! 💑❤️ 

14. Personal reflections 

Share personal anecdotes or experiences related to your own relationships or your journey as a relationship coach. This authenticity can create a deeper connection with your audience. 

Example: Share a personal story of a relationship challenge you’ve faced and how you overcame it. Be honest and vulnerable in your storytelling. 

15. Surveys and research:  

Conduct surveys to gather insights on relationship-related topics. Share the results and discuss their implications. Additionally, share the latest research findings to demonstrate your commitment to staying informed and providing evidence-based advice. 

Example: “Our Relationship Resilience Survey is now live! Help us better understand the dynamics of modern relationships. Your insights are valuable. Link to the survey in bio. 📊🤝” 

Turning social media post ideas into a content calendar 

Now that you have 15 ideas to use month on month for your social media pages, maximize your benefit by incorporating them into a social media calendar.  

Step 1: Create a content calendar template  

You can use tools like Google Sheets, Excel, or specialized social media management platforms to create your content calendar. Your template should include columns for date, time, platform, content type, content title, captions, and any relevant links or images. 

Step 2: Content planning  

Now, start planning your content. Here’s how: 

  • Content ideas: Use the 15 social media post ideas for relationship coaches provided above, or rainstorm content ideas based on your goals, audience, and content categories. Think about seasonal themes, trends, and relevant events. 
  • Frequency: Decide how often you’ll post on each platform. Consider factors like audience preferences and platform algorithms. 
  • Scheduling: Decide on the specific dates and times for posting. Use insights from your past social media performance to identify the best posting times for each of the social media topics. 
  • Variety: Ensure your content mix includes different types of posts, like informative, entertaining, and promotional content. 

Step 3: Content creation and gathering  

Create your content in advance. This includes writing blog posts, designing images, shooting videos, or any other content type. If you’re curating content from others – such as for guest posts – gather it during this stage. 

Step 4: Captions and hashtags  

Craft compelling captions for each post. Research and include relevant hashtags to increase discoverability. Be mindful of character limits on different platforms. 

Step 5: Review and approval  

If you work with a team – that is, if someone else is writing and designing posts for you – make sure there’s a review and approval process in place to ensure content quality and consistency. Being on brand and ethical is extremely important for relationship coaches. 

Step 6: Schedule posts  

Use social media scheduling tools (e.g., Buffer, Hootsuite, or native platform scheduling) to queue up your posts. Schedule them according to your content calendar. 

How to ensure the success of your social media post ideas 

Simply turning ideas into posts doesn’t guarantee that they will perform well. On social media, you’re highly dependent on audience bahvrior, and that can be hard to predict. To ensure your post ideas are successful and not just, well, ideas, follow these 3 tips: 

1. Monitor and engage  

Once your content is live, monitor engagement, reply to comments, and engage with your audience. Adapt your content strategy based on what’s working and what’s not. 

2. Analyze and adjust  

Regularly review your social media analytics to see what’s performing well and what needs improvement. Adjust your content calendar and strategy accordingly. 

3. Stay flexible  

While planning is important, it’s also essential to be flexible and adapt to real-time events, trends, and audience feedback. Your content calendar should be a guide, not a strict rule. 

We hope these social media content ideas and tips help set you up for success! The included examples should give you a better idea of how to implement each social media post idea as a relationship coach. Remember, valuable content usually works best for relationship coaches – tailor your social media content to your style, and make it relatable and engaging for your specific audience. 

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