Transitioning from Corporate world to Coaching with Leadership Coach Stephen Taylor

Episode Description

Join host Venkat G in a conversation with veteran coach Stephen Taylor. Stephen brings over 4 decades of coaching experience to the table as he shares insightful tips and advice for those transitioning from the corporate world to the coaching industry.

Who should tune in?

  • Aspiring coaches & Mentors
  • Corporate professional considering a career change 

Podcast themes

  • Coaching & Mentorship
  • Personal Development & Growth 
  • Career Transition
  • Building a Coaching Business 
  • Goal Setting & Achievement 
  • Work-Life Balance

Show Notes

  • 0:01 : 0:19 Introduction by Venkat
  • 0:19 : 0:37 Introduction of Steven Taylor
  • 0:37 : 3:18 Steven Taylor’s Background and Coaching Journey
  • 3:18 : 6:04 Advice for Aspiring Coaches on Transitioning from Corporate Jobs
  • 6:04 : 7:47 Finding a Guru and Learning from Experts
  • 7:47 : 9:11 Experimenting with Pilots and Freebies
  • 9:11 : 11:42 Establishing Authority and Building a Client Base
  • 11:42 : 14:03 Balancing Coaching with Other Responsibilities
  • 14:03 : 16:25 Dealing with Self-Doubt and Imposter Syndrome
  • 16:25 : 18:59 Importance of Networking and Community Building
  • 18:59 : 21:30 Setting and Achieving Goals
  • 21:30 : 23:52 Continuing Education and Staying Updated
  • 23:52 : 26:06 Closing Remarks and Contact Information
About Stephen Taylor
President of Stephen Taylor & Associates

Stephen has been a coach for over 40 years, and has successfully helped managers across all levels to improve their employees’ productivity with leadership development & follow-up coaching. He’s also spent 8+ years in Israel where he taught executive MBA students advanced career search techniques and guided them in implementing results-based leadership methods to improve team productivity. Join us as he shares his insights on coaching, leadership and career change over the last 4 decades! 

Connect with him on LinkedIn to learn more about his work.

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