Step-By-Step Guide: How to Price Your Coaching Packages in 2024

A Guide to Pricing Your Coaching Packages
By Team Simply.Coach
February 23, 2024
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The Significance of Pricing in Coaching

To thrive in the coaching industry, setting the right pricing strategy is crucial.

Finding the right pricing for your coaching services can be challenging, as you aim to strike a balance between not charging excessively high rates, which could deter potential clients, and avoiding setting prices too low, which may lead to excessive workload and stress. 

Your pricing judgments should be built on a foundation that values expertise, transformation potential, and market expectations.

We will guide you in determining the ideal price for your coaching program in 2024.

Understanding the Value of Your Expertise

Determine your pricing based on the results you deliver rather than time invested. It should reflect the value of the transformation or result you help your clients achieve.

For example, a higher-priced package for a 6-month program provides ongoing support, resulting in deeper transformation and progress.

Coaching Pricing Strategies to Use in 2024

1. Hourly Rate

You can set an hourly rate, where clients pay for each hour of coaching.

Although it’s straightforward, charging by the hour may not accurately reflect the value of your coaching services. Clients may focus solely on the duration of sessions rather than the outcomes achieved.

The true value lies in the results you help clients achieve, so you can consider alternative pricing models that align with the impact you make. 

2. Retainer

You can set a retainer fee, where your client pays a fixed amount monthly.

This approach offers stability and predictability for both you and client, ensuring a steady income stream and consistent support. 

With a retainer, clients have access to regular coaching sessions, making it convenient and conducive to long-term growth and development. This model fosters a deeper commitment from clients and allows you to focus on delivering value without worrying about the fluctuation of income.

3. Package

Opting for a structured package allows you to set a fixed rate. For example, a three-month program with a specified number of sessions, such as 12 calls.

This pricing method is highly favored as it allows you to frame your coaching services and rates based on the outcomes you will facilitate through the package. 

By bundling sessions into a package, you can offer a cohesive and holistic coaching experience while also providing value and convenience to your clients. This not only leads to more meaningful discussions but also creates a mutually beneficial scenario for both you and your client.

Coaching packages are popular for offering several sessions at a reduced rate, providing both consistency and incentives for clients. Also, customers appreciate discounted rates and multipack sessions.

What Price to Set for Your Coaching Service

1. Penetration Pricing

The initial pricing strategy at your disposal is termed Penetration Pricing, aiming to swiftly enter the market by offering the lowest coaching fee you find acceptable. 

Typically, if you are a new coach across various industries, this rate hovers around $1,500 for a 3-month package. Reflect on how this price point resonates with you; if it seems steep, consider lowering it. Conversely, if it feels too low, remember that you can always adjust your pricing later.

The objective of penetration pricing is to quickly secure your first clients, generating revenue, establishing brand visibility, and garnering testimonials.

2. Value-Based Pricing

It focuses on setting coaching fees according to the perceived value of the service to clients. Rather than solely considering the costs involved in delivering the service, this approach emphasizes the benefits, outcomes, and transformative results the coaching provides.

By aligning pricing with the value it delivers to clients, you can ensure they are adequately compensated for your expertise and the impact you have on your clients’ lives.

3. Competitive Pricing

This pricing strategy involves setting coaching fees based on the prevailing rates in the market. You can research and analyze the pricing strategies of competitors offering similar services to ensure your rates are competitive while still reflecting the value you provide.

This approach helps you attract clients by offering pricing that is in line with industry standards while also considering factors such as your own experience, expertise, and unique offerings.

Lower-Priced, Short-term Packages vs High-End Long-term Coaching Packages

A Guide to Pricing Your Coaching Packages

Lower-priced short-term coaching packages, such as 6–8-week programs, serve as an entry point for new clients to experience your expertise at an approachable price point.

They offer an introduction to the coaching process, and for the right clients, they can lead to more substantial, long-term investments.

Short-term packages, such as six-week or eight-week engagements, are well-suited to various coaching niches:

  • Life coaching: Short-term packages often cover specific areas of personal development, including goal setting, decision-making, or stress management
  • Career coaching: If you are a career coach, you guide clients through their job search, resume writing, interview preparation, or career advancement in a brief and targeted engagement
  • Business coaching: Six-week and eight-week packages can help new and emerging entrepreneurs gain momentum, develop product or service strategies, or enhance their leadership skills

High-end long-term coaching packages, such as 3-month or longer programs, represent a premium offering for clients who demand more intensive support.

These packages provide the time and resources needed to achieve significant results and transformational change.

These extended engagements afford ample time and resources essential for achieving profound results and transformative changes.

  • Personal Development Coaching: Long-term packages delve deeply into multifaceted aspects of personal growth, encompassing areas such as mindset shifts, habit formation, and overcoming deep-seated obstacles
  • Executive Coaching: Tailored for high-level professionals, extended programs focus on honing advanced leadership skills, strategic decision-making, and navigating complex organizational dynamics to propel career trajectories to new heights
  • Entrepreneurial Coaching: In-depth coaching spanning several months provides entrepreneurs with the strategic guidance and accountability necessary for scaling businesses, refining market positioning, and executing long-term growth strategies

Lower-priced packages may attract those seeking specific, short-term objectives or value cost-conscious options. High-end packages will appeal to clients prepared for longer-term commitments and seeking transformational impact and guidance.


In setting up your coaching practice, understanding the value of your expertise and its transformational impact in establishing your coaching packages prices.

The value you offer should be reflected in your pricing structure, with higher prices tied to longer, more transformative coaching programs. The idea is to price beyond time spent, but only after considering the outcomes your clients will achieve through your coaching packages.

Moreover, trying digital platforms like Simply.Coach can greatly enhance your coaching practice. With an integrated session scheduling, a simple interface, a white-labeled portal, and an array of digital tools optimized for client and business management in coaching, you can focus more on offering value to your clients with the help of Simply.Coach.

Try Simply.Coach today and see the difference.

About Simply.Coach

Simply.Coach is an enterprise-grade coaching software designed to be used by individual coaches and coaching businesses. Trusted by ICF-accredited and EMCC-credentialed coaches worldwide, Simply.Coach is on a mission to elevate the experience and process of coaching with technology-led tools and solutions.  

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