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February 2, 2024
By Team Simply.Coach
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For coaches and consultants, administration can easily become a time sink. Between scheduling appointments, sending appointment reminders, collecting payments, tracking client activities, managing invoices, and more, administrative tasks can quickly overtake time spent actually coaching and consulting. Fortunately, technology like the Simply.Coach platform exists to help streamline these necessary but time-consuming processes.

An effective client relationship management (CRM) system is essential for coaches to deliver value and grow their businesses over the long term. Simply.Coach provides a CRM tailored specifically for independent coaches and small coaching teams to enhance client engagement.

By consolidating scheduling, payment processing, client profiles, session notes, progress tracking, and more in one secure platform, Simply.Coach makes managing client relationships seamless. Intuitive features like bulk messaging, client portals, and automated email & SMS ensure coaches stay connected between sessions. Meanwhile, activity logs, goal tracking, and shareable reports help demonstrate client progress over time.

With a 360-degree client view and tools that span the entire coaching journey – from acquisition to retention – Simply.Coach empowers impact-driven coaches to build thriving practices. Key capabilities like:

  • Automated appointment scheduling & reminders
  • Integrated payment processing
  • Custom client profiles & permissions
  • Session notes & progress tracking
  • Client goal setting & monitoring
  • Shareable reports & statistics

All work together to help coaches streamline operations and strengthen client relationships simultaneously. By handling the administrative burden of scheduling, payments, and logging activities, Simply.Coach gives coaches back time to focus on what matters most – actually helping clients achieve their goals.

The platform makes it simple to customize coaching delivery as well – with functionality for individual and group sessions, in-person or virtual meetings, and more. As coaches grow and evolve their offering, Simply.Coach scales to match needs.

Student coaches just starting out benefit from Simply.Coach’s intuitive interface and competitive pricing, while established coaches leverage premium features like multi-coach logins, referral portals, and coaching programs / packages. Robust platform analytics help refine coaching strategy and messaging based on real customer data too.

Payment Processing: Ensuring Efficiency and Security

  • Automated Payment Systems: Utilizing automated payment systems can significantly reduce the time spent on invoicing and follow-ups. These systems can handle recurring payments, generate invoices, and send payment reminders, thus minimizing manual intervention.
  • Choosing the Right Payment Platform: Selecting a payment platform that integrates with your coaching software streamlines the process. Platforms like PayPal, Stripe, and Square offer secure and efficient payment solutions that can be embedded into your scheduling and client management systems.
  • Managing Multiple Currencies and Tax Compliance: For coaches working with international clients, it’s important to choose a payment system that handles multiple currencies and adheres to various tax regulations.

Activity Tracking: Keeping a Tab on Client Progress

  • Digital Tools for Activity Tracking: Digital tools and software have made tracking client progress more straightforward and effective. These tools can record session notes, track goal achievements, and monitor overall client development.
  • Customizable Client Dashboards: Implementing client dashboards where clients can view their progress, access resources, and check upcoming sessions enhances transparency and engagement.
  • Integrating with Calendar and Scheduling Tools: Integration with calendar tools ensures that both the coach and the client are aware of upcoming sessions and milestones. This also helps in avoiding scheduling conflicts and enhances time management.

Integrated Payment Processing Saves Time

One of the biggest administrative time sinks is collecting client payments. Coaches typically collect payments in a few ways:

  • Requesting online bank transfers or checks to deposit manually
  • Using a payment processor like PayPal to send invoices and collect payments
  • Accepting credit card payments over the phone and processing transactions through a card reader

All these options require time and effort from the coach before and after each client session. Simply.Coach integrates directly with popular payment gateways like Stripe to automatically collect credit card payments. Coaches can send clients secure online booking links that include an integrated card payment form. Upon booking a session, the client enters their card details once which are securely stored in the platform. When each session occurs, Simply.Coach automatically charges the stored card so no further action is required from the coach or client.

This automated payment collection through Simply.Coach drastically reduces the effort to collect client funds, ensuring coaches get paid efficiently for their time. Based on internal customer feedback, most coaches experience around 60-90 minutes saved per week on administrative payment tasks after leveraging Simply.Coach.

Detailed Activity Tracking Provides Valuable Insights

In addition to streamlining payments, Simply.Coach also helps coaches track detailed data on client activities. For each client, coaches can log session notes, store progress reports, set tasks and reminders, and add any other relevant files or details. Over time this creates a rich customer profile that helps inform future coaching sessions and strategy.

Having all client data in one secure place makes engaging with clients far more efficient compared to searching through emails and multiple documents. And when it comes to demonstrating value or progress to a client, detailed records of all past activities provide invaluable support.

For example, a life coach on the Simply.Coach platform may log notes on their client’s initial goals and metrics like weight, sleep quality, mood on a 1-10 scale, etc. Over time at each session, they continue to log updated metrics and notes on the client’s progress. After 3 months, the coach can easily pull up a client’s profile and demonstrate through real data how much progress they’ve made towards their goals. This level of tracking helps coaches provide highly customized and relevant coaching while “showing their work” keeps clients motivated to continue.

Moreover, aggregated activity data across all clients helps coaches identify trends to refine their overall business and coaching strategy. Simpy.Coach provides visual reports and metrics on elements like:

  • Most popular and profitable service offerings
  • Busiest coaching days/weeks
  • Average client lifetime value
  • Distribution of session lengths
  • Referral tracking
  • And more…

With data to inform decision making, coaches can tailor everything from marketing campaigns to service packages using real customer insights.

Choose the Right Plan for You

While extremely comprehensive for a coaching administration platform, Simply.Coach maintains value-focused pricing suitable for solopreneurs and small teams alike. Available plans range from $9 to $69 per month with discounts for annual subscriptions. Core features of automated appointment scheduling, payment processing, activity tracking, and billing management are included in all tiers while higher tiers add functionality like team management, group sessions, goal tracking, and more.

Their website also offers an interactive feature comparison tool so you can view details on each plan side-by-side to select the right level of support for your coaching business.

And the best part? You can take the platform for a test drive completely risk free. Simply.Coach offers an extensive 14-day free trial on all plan levels. So whether you’re just getting started in coaching or looking to scale an existing business, give it a try to experience the time savings firsthand.

With easy-to-use digital administration through Simply.Coach, coaches can focus their efforts on what matters most — helping clients. Automated scheduling, payment processing, and activity tracking helps coaches grow their businesses while delivering better experiences and outcomes for the clients they serve.

Simplify your coaching business today with a risk-free trial.

About Simply.Coach

Simply.Coach is an enterprise-grade coaching software designed to be used by individual coaches and coaching businesses. Trusted by ICF-accredited and EMCC-credentialed coaches worldwide, Simply.Coach is on a mission to elevate the experience and process of coaching with technology-led tools and solutions.  

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