Coach Mission Statement: The Key to Helping Coaches Stand Apart

October 11, 2022
coach mission statement

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Most coaches opt for coaching as a career because they have a real passion (and the requisite skills!) to help others do better in their lives.  

Now, these are all very noble reasons for choosing a profession but altruism only takes one so far, it has to be backed by a solid grasp of what your true purpose is as a coach. This is where a coach mission statement can provide much needed clarity of what your coaching practice is all about and what you aim to achieve. A coaching commitment statement describes why you chose to become a coach, what your actions are going to be and how they will translate into fulfilling your stated objectives.  

Read on to know how you can create a powerful coach mission statement, their advantages as well as coaching mission statement examples that will give you a clear idea on how to write one.  

What is a coach mission statement?  

A coach mission statement offers a quick outline of your purpose for becoming a coach, your areas of focus and functions. It is a summary of why your coaching practice exists and what you aim to do with it.  

Many people mistakenly consider a coaching mission statement and coaching vision statement to be the same. However, vision statements are focused on the future, while mission statements concentrate on your present. Mission statements are centred on what you need to do now in order to fulfil what your stated vision is for the time ahead. 

How to create a compelling coaching mission statement 

A captivating coaching mission statement should be a declaration that is short but personal, clarifies the purpose of your coaching, focuses on your passions, and encourages plans & action steps that help in realizing goals. It is another way of specifying and confirming your vision for the future.  

It is necessary to have both, mission statement and vision statement, as the first will prompt you to hit the ground running in the present in the hope of achieving the latter down the road.  

Here’s how you can write a coach mission statement that will help you live and work true to yourself every day:  

a. Declare your purpose – why did you choose to be a coach?  

The most important part to include in your coach mission statement is to state clearly why you chose to become a professional coach or why your coaching business even exists. Make sure that the reason is not about yourself but focuses on others and how it can benefit them.  

Your purpose can be anything from motivating individuals to unlock their potential, to helping leaders develop a better understanding of leadership, instilling self-belief to help people move past their obstacles, or providing a service that aligns with your values and makes a substantial difference in the lives of others, etc.   

b. State your niche – what issues can your coaching services resolve? 

Now that you have a clear purpose for your coaching practice, think about how your coaching can align to that purpose. What issues will your coaching solve, how will you help the client overcome their challenges, etc.  

In this case, it helps to have a defined coaching niche – for example you are a business coach who specializes in mergers & acquisitions, or you may be a life coach who is a relationship management expert – so that the mission statement can convey the actual issues that you can help your clients work out. 

Stating your niche automatically helps you reach the right type of clients that will benefit from your expertise.  

c. Express your vision for your coaching practice  

As mentioned before, the mission and vision go hand in hand. Have a clear vision for the future of your coaching practice – the type of industry & clients you wish to engage, what do you hope to achieve in the coming decade, what do you hope your clients should achieve from your coaching services, one important change that you wish to really see, or a particular challenge that you wish to overcome, etc.  

Thinking of the long term will not only help you fine tune your vision for the coming years but also help you gain clarity on your mission for the present.  

d. Project the benefits and to whom  

The coach mission statement needs to reflect the many advantages that the people who engage your services will get – for instance improved communication skills, self-confidence to tackle complex business problems, astute time management that provides a better work life balance, managing career transitions positively, leading happier & purposeful lives, etc.  

Also, state the clients whom you serve based on some similarities – for instance they may be locally based entrepreneurs, have a common goal such as weight loss, small business owners looking to scale their business, people looking to overcome damaged relations, etc.  

e. Stay true to your offerings – be authentic  

Above all your coach mission statement should be completely authentic. Coaching is a profession that is fundamentally based on trust. Craft a coaching commitment statement that is true and real, which projects who you are and reflect the values that you bring to your coaching practice. 

The advantages of a coach mission statement  

  • Motivates the coach 
  • Helps grow the coaching business  
  • Helps build a good team of professionals vital to any growing business  
  • Helps expand reach towards potential clients 
  • Encourages a higher volume of clients to sign up  

8 smart tips to write a coach mission statement that stands out 

  1. Make it short and simple but to the point 
  1. Don’t cram everything into one long sentence, it’s all right if you break it up into 2-3 sentences that are more understandable  
  1. Always write the coach mission statement in the present tense 
  1. You should be able to memorize it, so make it concise but still cover everything you want to say  
  1. Always write the mission statement from the client’s point of view  
  1. Make sure the wording is fresh but relatable  
  1. Only state realistically achievable goals, but put them in a way that is motivational  
  1. Share your coach mission statement on your website, social media platforms, video posts, client onboarding material, etc.  

Coaching mission statement examples 

Some coach mission statement examples that you’ll find useful while crafting your own: 

a. Life coach mission statement sample 

As a life coaching company, we are dedicated to helping transform the quality of life of our clients by providing the best coaching methods that boost self-confidence, inspires breakthroughs, and re-sparks passion for life.  

We are committed to providing an engaging coaching experience that aims to help our clients find a fine balance between professional and personal fulfilment.  

b. Business coach mission statement sample  

Our mission is to guide, encourage, inspire our executive to understand the nuances of leadership and to make them aware of the possibilities that they can explore to further their careers.  

We remain committed to providing our clients the chance to explore their hidden potentials, pursue novel thought processes as well as clarity in strategizing & decision making that will help them make more informed choices to lead their business to greater heights.  

c. Coaching institute mission statement sample  

We exist to serve professionals who wish to transition into career coaching and offer a fully integrated but flexible training program for our working clients.  

Our goal is to train individuals to leverage the incredible power of coaching and to create life coaches who will empower people to transform their lives.  


1. What is a good mission statement for a life coach? 

A good mission statement for a life coach includes the purpose of their coaching, the type of impact their coaching will deliver, the type of clients they wish to serve and the specific problems they can help solve, contribution to positive transformation of their clients, their vision for future and how they plan to achieve their goals.  

2. What does a coaching vision mean? 

A coaching vision statement is an inspirational write up that describes what the coaching practice aims to achieve in the long term. It provides a defined direction for plans and strategies that will help them reach that goal. A coaching vision is forward looking, reflects the values and culture of the coaching practice and helps set bigger goals that communicate their growing aspirations while also motivating their audience.  

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