10 Best Training Management and Tracking Softwares

April 29, 2024
By Team Simply.Coach
10 Best Training Management and Tracking Softwares

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For trainers, juggling participant progress, program effectiveness, and client satisfaction can feel like a constant three-ring circus. But what if there was a way to manage it all seamlessly?

A training management software can revolutionize your workflow, empowering you to deliver impactful training programs that truly resonate with your organizational clients.

Instead of juggling spreadsheets and chasing paper trails, imagine equipping yourself with software that provides real-time insights into participant learning, identifies knowledge gaps, and allows you to personalize learning paths.

Using a training tracking software empowers you to demonstrate the program’s effectiveness and ensure participants achieve mastery, leaving your clients feeling confident in their investment.

In this article, we will explore 10 examples of training management and tracking softwares that streamline the monitoring of your participant’s development, eliminating the need for cumbersome paper reports and complex spreadsheets. 

Before we get into these solutions, let’s discuss what makes these tools unique and how they can benefit businesses.

What is Training Management Software?

Known as a Learning Management System or LMS, training management software is a vital tool for clients aiming to enhance their workforce’s skills and knowledge. It helps streamline the planning, execution, and assessment of training programs, ensuring that participants receive relevant and timely training. 

By automating administrative tasks, such as scheduling, tracking progress, and generating reports, this software enables training managers to focus more on creating impactful content and engaging learning experiences. Additionally, it provides a centralized platform for storing training materials, making it easier for participants to access and complete their training.

Uses of Training Management Software

Training management and tracking software comprises a range of features designed to facilitate the efficient administration of training programs. These features include:

  1. Course Scheduling: Allows the client to schedule training sessions, ensuring that they fit within the overall training plan and do not conflict with other activities.
  1. Enrollment Management: Automates the enrollment process, enabling participants to register for courses and you to monitor participation.
  1. Progress Tracking: Tracks the progress of each participant, including completion rates, test scores, and engagement levels, providing insights into the effectiveness of the training program.
  1. Certification Tracking: Ensures that participants meet compliance requirements by tracking certifications and notifying you of any upcoming expirations or renewals.
  1. Feedback Collection: Gathers feedback from participants to assess the quality of the training and identify areas for improvement.

With these features, clients can ensure that their training programs are well-organized, effective, and aligned with their overall business objectives. In the following sections, we will explore some of the best training tracking software solutions available in the market, highlighting their key features and benefits.

In preparing our list of top training management tools, we chose the platforms that offer comprehensive features tailored for dynamic learning environments. For coaching and consulting businesses looking for a robust solution, tools like Simply.Coach cater specifically to enhancing the delivery and management of personalized training experiences.

Best Training Software Tools in 2024

  1. Simply.Coach
  2. Spring Learn
  3. Docebo
  4. LearnUpon
  5. Litmos
  6. TalentLMS
  7. 360Learning
  8. Canvas
  9. Absorb
  10. LearnDash

All ten Learning Management Systems (LMSs) listed here are cloud-based platforms. 

Being “cloud-based” means that these systems are accessible over the internet without the need for any installation process. Such solutions are often favored to start immediately without enduring extensive setup phases.

Moreover, each of these platforms is user-friendly, compatible with mobile devices, and capable of supporting diverse content types. In our analysis, we will highlight their unique attributes and identify specific scenarios where each platform excels.

1. Simply.Coach

Simply.Coach is a digital coaching platform designed to help you run efficient and effective blended training programs, creating better value for clients.  It also facilitates individual coaching sessions and group training initiatives, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of training needs. With SOC2, GDPR, and HIPAA compliance, it is the most secure digital coaching platform.

Price: Starts at $9/month for solopreneurs, when billed annually.

Key Features of Simply.Coach:

  • Manage all your training engagements in one place
  • Handle both, 1:1 as well as group/team engagements
  • Set up goals and track progress at regular intervals
  • Design, deliver, and track program engagement
  • Session scheduling and management
  • Resource library and content delivery
  • Digital assessments and forms (with whitelabeling)
  • NPS report on impact, ROI & progress, shareable directly from the platform
  • Run large-scale programs with automated client-trainer matching
  • Run polls and surveys to gather feedback

For those looking to streamline not only training tracking but also the broader aspects of coaching and consulting services, integrating a specialized platform like Simply.Coach could provide an edge in efficiency and client engagement.

2. iSpring Learn

iSpring Learn offers a dynamic learning management system known for its flexibility in creating personalized learning paths. It supports a vast array of multimedia content and provides comprehensive analytics to monitor participant engagement and progress.

Price: Starts at $770 per author/year

Key Features of Spring Learn:

  • Content Management
  • User Management
  • Training Management
  • Advanced reporting and analytics
  • Performance Appraisal
  • LMS Customization
  • Learner Portal
  • Integration with third-party tools

3. Docebo

Docebo stands out with its AI-powered learning platform that delivers a personalized learning experience to each user. It is scalable and equipped with robust analytics, making it ideal for enterprises looking to measure the effectiveness of their training programs accurately.

Price: Contact for pricing

Key Features of Docebo:

  • AI-driven personalized learning paths
  • Social learning and gamification
  • Scalable cloud architecture
  • Comprehensive analytics and reporting
  • Wide range of integration capabilities

4. LearnUpon

LearnUpon is designed to empower HR departments with tools to build, assign, monitor, and measure comprehensive training programs. It excels in creating internal knowledge bases and facilitating efficient onboarding and development processes.

Price: Starts at $599/mo for up to 50 users

Key Features of LearnUpon:

  • Custom course creation
  • Automated workflows for training management
  • Knowledge base and wiki creation
  • Compliance and certification training
  • Extensive reporting and analytics

5. Litmos

Litmos is a versatile LMS that offers custom content creation across various industries, making it suitable for clients looking for a scalable and intuitive training solution. It emphasizes mobile learning, allowing participants to access training anytime, anywhere.

Price: Contact for pricing

Key Features of Litmos:

  • Easy-to-use course builder
  • Mobile learning capabilities
  • Gamification and interactive learning
  • Real-time tracking and reporting
  • Integration with CRM and ERP systems

6. TalentLMS

TalentLMS is a corporate LMS platform focusing on training, onboarding, and compliance. It simplifies the creation of interactive eLearning courses and supports mobile learning, allowing participants to learn at their pace.

Price: Starts at $69/mo for up to 40 users

Key Features of TalentLMS:

  • Drag-and-drop course creation
  • Live learning sessions
  • Interactive tests and quizzes
  • Training progress monitoring
  • Customized branding and design

7. 360Learning

360Learning promotes collaborative learning by enabling participants to create and share training content. This approach fosters a learning community, enhancing engagement and knowledge sharing.

Price: Contact for pricing

Key Features of 360Learning:

  • Collaborative learning tools
  • User-generated content support
  • Engagement and motivation analytics
  • Personalized learning paths
  • Integration with popular business tools

8. Canvas

Canvas provides a flexible learning environment suitable for both academic institutions and corporate training. Its user-friendly interface and adaptability make it an excellent choice for businesses aiming to establish a structured and efficient learning process.

Price: Contact for pricing

Key Features of Canvas:

  • Intuitive course creation and management
  • Mobile app for on-the-go learning
  • Comprehensive assessment tools
  • Open API for customization and integration
  • Extensive resource library

9. Absorb

Absorb LMS is known for its sleek interface and robust automation capabilities, offering AI-based recommendations and advanced reporting features. It’s geared towards clients who seek an efficient and engaging learning experience for their participants.

Price: Contact for pricing

Key Features of Absorb:

  • Customizable learning experiences
  • Intelligent reporting and analytics
  • Automated learning paths
  • Social learning and collaboration tools
  • Scalable cloud infrastructure

10. LearnDash

LearnDash is a powerful WordPress LMS plugin that enables businesses to utilize their existing websites for training. It stands out for its comprehensive reporting and easy-to-use course building tools, making it ideal for creating custom learning experiences.

Price: Starts at $199/year for a single site license

Key Features of LearnDash:

  • Drag-and-drop course builder
  • Advanced quizzing and testing
  • Course points, certificates, and badges
  • Drip-feed content
  • Dynamic forums and community features

Each of these tools offers unique features designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of training programs. By selecting the right platform, clients can ensure their training initiatives are well-managed, engaging, and aligned with their strategic objectives.

How to Select the Right Training Software?

Here are some key criteria to consider when selecting a training software:

1. Assess Your Training Goals

Before you start looking for training software, it’s important to define your training goals. What skills do you want your participants to acquire? What kind of training content will you be delivering? Understanding your objectives will help you choose a software that aligns with your training needs.

2. Evaluate the Scalability

As your business grows, your training needs may change. It’s essential to choose a software that can scale with your client. Look for the software that can accommodate an increasing number of users and handle more complex training programs as your client expands.

3. Look for Mobile Training Functionality

Participants need the flexibility to access training materials anytime, anywhere. Choose a software that offers mobile training functionality, allowing your participants to learn on-the-go using their smartphones or tablets.

4. Check Available Integrations

Integration with other systems can streamline your training process and improve efficiency. Look for training software that can integrate with your existing HR systems, communication tools, and other software used by your client. This will ensure a seamless flow of information and a more cohesive training experience.


1. Who Needs a Learning Management System?

Any training & development company or client can benefit from a Learning Management System (LMS). LMSs are particularly useful for clients  with a large workforce, diverse training needs, or those requiring compliance training. 

While an LMS is valuable for multiple contexts, those in coaching or consulting fields may find immense value in a dedicated platform like Simply.Coach that’s designed to streamline both the tracking and the facilitation aspects of training.

2. How Can I Measure Training Effectiveness?

To measure the effectiveness of the training, you can use various metrics such as completion rates, quiz scores, and post-training assessments. Additionally, tracking the application of learned skills in the workplace and the impact on job performance can provide insights into the training’s effectiveness.

3. What Is the Best Way to Track Training?

The best way to track training is by using a training tracking software or LMS. These tools allow you to monitor participant  progress, assess their understanding of the material, and generate reports on their performance. This data can help you identify areas for improvement and ensure that your training program is meeting its objectives.


Choosing the right training software is a crucial step in developing an effective training program. By considering factors such as the program goals, scalability, and available integrations, you can choose a software that meets your clients’ needs. Additionally, understanding the common questions about training tracking software can help you make informed decisions and ensure the success of your training programs.

About Simply.Coach

Simply.Coach is an enterprise-grade coaching software designed to be used by individual coaches and coaching businesses. Trusted by ICF-accredited and EMCC-credentialed coaches worldwide, Simply.Coach is on a mission to elevate the experience and process of coaching with technology-led tools and solutions.  

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