Top 10 Habits of Effective Business Coaches

10 Habits of Effective Business Coaches

1. Schedule

Organise your daily activities and make sure you set time aside for professional as well as personal work

2. Personal Goals

Convey to your client that coaching is combined, not a one-sided effort that requires commitment and honesty

3. Establish Trust

To establish trust between you and client, take micro-steps such as showing up on time and listening attentively

4. Be Patient

Be patient and work towards getting the right results, even if it takes longer

5. Be Courageous & Curious

Don’t fear asking tough questions to help the client introspect and find answers within

6. Return to Goals

Regularly bring the client’s attention back on achleving their set goals and help them have a goal-focused mindset

7. Independence

Instil confidence in your coachee so they can gauge their Issues and be confident to take constructive steps

8. Positivity

Be supportive and encourage your coachee to approach tough situations and not give up and move in a positive direction

9. Goodbye Ego

Always make sure that you’re treating your coachee as an equal and not someone you’re giving advice to

10. Personal Development

Make sure you regularly take time out to strengthen your skills as a coach by reading books, taking courses and attending seminars

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