Must-Read Coaching Books: Unlocking Your Greatness

May 13, 2024
By Team Simply.Coach
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We live in a digitally frenzied world, and our attention span seems to ever so eagerly shriek ‘boring’ every 30 seconds and either jump onto the next available bandwagon or switch off entirely. 

Although such a lifestyle has its perks, what seems to have lost its sheen is the charm and profoundness of a book. 

Or is it so?

While it might ring true that succinct listicles and 60-second video stories often excel in conveying specific subjects or topics, can they provide the depth needed for a broader and more comprehensive understanding? The majority would say no.

It’s time-tested that books hold significant value as a wellspring of knowledge. For a professional coach seeking to learn all there is about the coaching industry, to build his/her career, to stay ahead of the game and succeed, niche coaching books are unparalleled.

What’s more? Today’s coaching books transcend mere skills development, encompassing leadership principles and personal development techniques.

In this blog, we’ll be talking about the best books for professional coaches like you, specially curated by Simply.Coach. Let’s get you coaching like a champion!

Essential Coaching Books

1. Co-Active Coaching (Fourth Edition)

Co-Active Coaching is hailed as the coaching bible, emphasizing collaborative and transformative coaching approaches. It offers practical tools and insights for you to facilitate meaningful client transformations.

Author: Henry Kimsey-House, Karen Kimsey-House, Phillip Sandhal, Laura Whitworth

Price: $20.00 

Amazon rating: 4.7

2. Coaching for Performance: GROWing Human Potential and Purpose (4th Edition)

Coaching for Performance: GROWing Human Potential and Purpose is a seminal guide in coaching and leadership. It presents the GROW model, fostering personal and professional growth. 

Author: John Whitmore

Price: $12.83

Amazon rating: 4.4 

3. The HeART of Laser-Focused Coaching: A Revolutionary Approach to Masterful Coaching 

The HeART of Laser-Focused Coaching presents a revolutionary coaching method, blending heart-centered techniques with laser focus for profound client breakthroughs. It enhances effectiveness through reflective questions and examples.

Author: Marion Franklin
Price: $19.95

Amazon rating: 4.7

4. The Portable Coach

The Portable Coach provides 28 principles for both personal and business success. It’s a practical guide filled with strategies to enhance performance and achieve goals effectively.

Author: Thomas J. Leonard
Price: $16.89

Amazon rating: 4.5

5. The Discomfort Zone

The Discomfort Zone explores how leaders navigate challenging conversations to foster breakthroughs. The book offers strategies to embrace discomfort and transform difficult interactions into opportunities for growth and innovation.

Author: Marcia Reynolds

Price: $21.95

Amazon rating: 4.2

6. Coach the Person, Not the Problem

Coach the Person, Not the Problem: A Guide to Using Reflective Inquiry introduces reflective inquiry techniques, prioritizing personal growth over problem-solving, and enriching coaching relationships with empathy and understanding.

Author: Marcia Reynolds

Price: $17.90

Amazon rating: 4.8

7. Effective Group Coaching

Effective Group Coaching provides tried-and-tested tools and resources for achieving optimal coaching results within group settings. It offers practical guidance for enhancing coaching effectiveness.

Author: Jennifer J. Britton
Price: $41.04 (Hardcover)

Amazon rating: 4.4

8. The Coaching Habit

The Coaching Habit presents a powerful framework with seven essential questions to foster effective coaching conversations, revolutionizing leadership and personal development practices.

Author: Michael Bungay Stanier
Price: $11.49

Amazon rating: 4.5

9. Effective Modern Coaching

Effective Modern Coaching provides contemporary coaching strategies, blending practical techniques with psychological insights. It empowers you to navigate modern challenges and foster impactful client relationships.

Author: Myles Downey
Price: $19.97

Amazon rating: 4.5

10. The Life Coaching Handbook

The Life Coaching Handbook provides comprehensive guidance for aspiring life coaches like you. It offers practical techniques and strategies for personal transformation and professional success in coaching.

Author:  Curly Martin
Price: $22.49

Amazon rating: 4.4

11. The Coaching Manual

The Coaching Manual is a comprehensive guide covering essential coaching techniques, from communication skills to goal setting. It offers practical strategies for effective coaching practices.

Author: Julie Starr
Price: $8.76

Amazon rating: 4.5

12. The Art of Somatic Coaching

The Art of Somatic Coaching explores the integration of body wisdom into coaching, fostering skillful action, wisdom, and compassion. A guide for transformative coaching practices.

Author: Richard Strozzi-Heckler
Price: $15.34

Amazon rating: 4.5

13. The Art of Coaching

The Art of Coaching: A Handbook of Tips and Tools provides practical guidance for you, offering a comprehensive toolkit to enhance coaching effectiveness and client outcomes.

Author: Jenny Bird and Sarah Gornall
Price: $40.35
Amazon rating: 4.5

14. The Coach’s Casebook

The Coach’s Casebook delves into common coaching challenges, offering strategies to overcome twelve common traps. It equips you with tools for effective client support and development.

Author:  Geoff Watts and Kim Morgan
Price: $34.99

Amazon rating: 4.7

15. The Coach’s Way

The Coach’s Way: The Art and Practice of Powerful Coaching in Any Field explores the versatile coaching techniques applicable across domains, offering a comprehensive guide to mastering impactful coaching practices.

Author: Eric Maisel

Price: $17.99
Amazon rating: 5


While the digital age offers a wealth of bite-sized information, there’s no substitute for the depth and transformative power of a well-written book.

This curated list of the best books provides a roadmap for you, whether you’re an aspiring coach or an experienced one, empowering you to develop your skills, build strong client relationships, and guide individuals and groups toward achieving their goals.

Furthermore, embracing these resources and sharing your insights within the coaching community can foster a culture of continuous learning and growth.

For even more inspiration and to stay updated with the latest trends in coaching, don’t forget to check out the live blogs on Simply.Coach. Or even better, you can consider subscribing to the fortnightly newsletter. 

Simply.Coach’s platform is dedicated to empowering coaches like you with the tools, knowledge, and community support needed to thrive in this rewarding field.

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