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January 30, 2023
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A highly competitive job market with various pressures and challenges has meant that many professionals are turning to a career coach to help them recalibrate their goals, concentrate on improving and developing job skills and generally make the right career decisions. 

This has made career coaching an in-demand service with top career coaches building highly lucrative career coaching practices. If you’re looking around and seeing a number of highly sought-after, popular career coaches making waves on LinkedIn, you might be wondering what they’re doing differently. Well, they’re creating content! 

In this blog post, we’re going to talk about how content can help you take your business to the next level. So, if you are a career coach, here are 7 reasons why you should start blogging and create a career coaching blog today… 

1. It helps establish your thought leadership in the industry 

Instead of regurgitating smart quotes, references or articles from well-known coaches, use your career coaching blog to present your point of view. Use it to showcase your industry expertise, provide suggestions for executives looking for mid-career transitions or restarting stalled careers, put forth your opinions on market trends, offer calculated projections on upcoming lucrative sectors that clients can tap into and so much more. Not only will you make a name for yourself as the go-to career coach (and there’s your thought leadership), it can also lead to surprisingly new opportunities for yourself too. 

2. It helps establish & popularize your brand 

Creating engaging and relevant content is the key to establishing your brand & improving visibility among your prospective clients online. However, just ‘start blogging’ is not enough – you need to promote the content and put it in front of the right audience on social media. Once they interact with your content, it further increases its popularity on social media and within Google search engine results too. 
Regularly publishing custom content on ‘in’ topics helps build your brand among your audience (remember all your readers are your potential clients) so when they have a need for career coaching services, or even simply need an opinion, you’ll be top of mind. 

3. Create an emotional connect with prospective clients  

As a career coach your clients should trust you to guide them through their professional complexities. Words are powerful and can leave a lasting impact. As you share your own experiences through your career coaching blog, along with valuable industry content, you start to slowly establish a bond with your readers. It is almost like the reader is being coached via your words. They also establish trust in your expertise and your opinion. If you can make this connect, then the chances of that reader turning into a paid client become considerably higher. 

4. Create a strong online presence  

For any business today, a robust presence on various online channels and social media platforms is a must. The sheer reach and exposure that these mediums afford a business are incomparable. In their nascent stages these platforms may have been used for social connections but today almost all businesses, big or small, use social media to promote their brand, build professional networks, expand their business, generate higher online traffic, engage directly with their end users and ultimately drive business.  

Promoting interesting career coaching blog posts across social media platforms – which, as we mentioned earlier, is essential to making your content visible – and utilising strong SEO practices, can help establish a strong online footprint for your brand. 

5. Generate higher volume of leads  

One of the most important reasons for having a strong online presence is to drive traffic towards your website for lead generation. Essentially, the career coaching blog can be used as a hook to engage your prospective clients and convert them into actual paying ones.  

Create useful, original guides that readers must submit their information to download. Invite the reader to subscribe to your blog via email. Put Calls-To-Action (CTAs) in the form of links in every blog post, encouraging them to schedule a free 1st session with you. Then, once you’ve gathered email IDs in this manner, initiate follow up communication to encourage them to sign up with your career coaching practice.   

6. Create additional earning avenues 

Although the main focus of your career coaching blog is to establish, promote and then expand your career coaching practice, blogging can also be tapped into to bring in extra income by including affiliate or sponsored content. What’s important, however, is that you don’t lose your authenticity as a coach. For example, you could create a video in collaboration with an HR company that provides interview tips – these tips, however, must be authentic information intended to benefit the audience so you don’t come across as a sell-out. 

If you intend on turning your blog into its own business, you can create vast volumes of content and keep some of it available only upon subscription – say, valuable interviews with industry leaders, for example. 

7. Get an edge over your competition 

Career coaching is an extremely competitive profession and to maintain that edge over your closest rivals you need to be on your toes and take every chance to stay ahead in the game. Having a popular career coaching blog is a great way to engage directly with your audience. Being interactive on social media platforms to promote your coaching practice, drive traffic via the blog, put up attractive offers (make first session free or club together a 1-month membership with a recruitment agency for job hunting etc.) for subscribers along with original content and more are all steps that will enhance your chances of signing up more clients.  

To conclude, career coaching can be a rewarding profession, but you have to be ready to put in the effort – you can take your business as big as you want to. Staring your own career coaching blog is an important step in promoting your brand, offering customized and valuable content to your prospective clients and also opening up extra revenue generating avenues.  


1. How do I start blogging about my coaching business?  

The steps to starting a coaching blog are fairly simple. First register on a blogging site (WordPress, Tumblr, Wix, Blogger etc), give your blog a smart & easily recognisable name, define your coaching niche, and create the blog. When you’re ready to publish your first blog post, choose a relevant topic, come up with a catchy title, publish the content and make it SEO-friendly, and don’t forget to add in visuals and a CTA. Last step? Promote on social media! 

2. How to get clients from a career coaching blog?  

Creating your own coaching blog can be a great strategy to increase client volumes and grow the business, if done right. Strategic content marketing is a useful tool for coaches to draw clients. 
To get clients from your career coaching blog: 

  • Choose topics that are relevant and of interest 
  • Create original, helpful content 
  • Optimize it for search engines 
  • Include a Call-To-Action (CTA) 
  • Promote each post on social media to increase visibility 
  • Tag friends/peers and get conversation going around it 
  • If you can, run ad campaigns for popular blog posts 

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We've got exclusive content, just for you!
Subscribe to our mailing list and receive actionable content designed to help you grow in different stages of your business journey.
We're committed to your privacy. Simply.Coach uses the information you provide to us to contact you about our relevant content, products and services. You may unsubscribe from these communications at any time. For more information, check out our privacy policy.