6 Resources to Grow Your Coaching Practice

6 Resources to Grow Your Coaching Practice

1. Have A Standard Intake Process

An effective intake process helps bring in clients who are coachable and willing to put in the work and sustain change – which sets them on the path to success.

2. Offer Free Discovery Sessions

A discovery session helps to understand the needs and goals of the clients and whether you have the right expertise to guide them.

3. Create Custom Coaching Packages

Creating coaching packages that ellver specific results within a specified time frame helps clarify your offerings to prospective clients and sets clear expectations.

4. Make Yourself Easily Accessible

Through social media, a website or even a simple landing page with lead generation touch-points, you can easily have an online, presence, share valuable content, and actively engage with prospects.

5. Invest in Tools & Resources

By investing in an online coaching platform that takes care of administrative work, gives you access to a repository of tools and helps in scaling your business, you can free up your time to focus coaching and delivering results.

6. Make a Good Marketing & Sales Plan

Creating ‘content pillars or identifying ore areas of your specialisation and on a fool-proof sales tunnel wit help bring in more clients, thus aiding in the growth of your coaching practice.

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