6 Core Leadership Coaching Skills

6 Core Leadership Coaching Skills

1. Understand Your Client

Build a comfortable rapport with your client to help them open up more about their ambitions and challenges

2. Use Coaching Tools

Make use of the variety of coaching tools available to truly know your client and where they currently stand, so you can come up with an effective and quantifiable action plan towards their goals

3. Promote Self-Discovery

Ask powerful questions to help your client identify their strengths as well as weaknesses in order to pave the right path

4. Focus on the Cause

Let your client decide which area they want to focus on, and empower them to prioritise, set the agenda and the objectives

5. Encourage Experiences

Allow your client to tap into their own experiences which will lead them towards sustainable growth and improvement

6. Keep It Simple

Don’t overload your client with too much information or expectations, instead ask them to list out a few areas that will have maximum impact and guide them accordingly

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