5 Key Tips for Managers

5 Key Tips for Managers

1. Develop Emotional Intelligence

Being more aware of and improving your emotional intelligence will mean that you’re better prepared to support and guide people.

2. Know Team's Strengths

Having a genuine understanding of the individuals that make up your team and what they need to work towards will allow you to efficiently plan and execute projects.

3. Ask Questions

Listening to your employees & their feedback and tailoring the next steps around their answers shows that you value your people and are prepared to help them reach their goals.

4. Empower Them

The more autonomy you give them, the more you’ll demonstrate your trust and confidence in their abilities. Making yourself available shows that you’re open to their feedback as well.

5. Provide Feedback

Providing effective and real-time feedback not only enables you to give constructive criticism to your team, but to also recognise and celebrate their achievements.

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