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Automate session scheduling, save time on logistics

Simply.Coach integrates your calendar and video conferencing accounts, so clients can directly book sessions based on your shown availability with automatic time zone conversion. In fact, prospective clients can book discovery sessions too – a great way to save time on sales! 

Customize your availability to clients

We know that having your calendar slots openly visible for scheduling may feel a little too vulnerable. Simply.Coach lets you set up availability for different kinds of sessions at different times. 

Stay ahead of each session with session prep

No coach wants to enter a session less than prepared for a meaningful engagement. Simply.Coach’s Session Prep tool helps you stay on top of things with a form that you can send to the client for reflection before each session. 

Maximize growth in each session

Besides the sessions, much of what maximizes clients’ growth is the behind-the-scenes work. Simply.Coach helps you capture notes as well as action items in each session to ensure consistent, trackable progress. 

Offer greater accountability to your clients

Simply.Coach offers session logs that help bring greater transparency to clients. This helps you invoice clients, and in the case of coaching businesses, also helps you pay coaches for their hours coached. 

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