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Digital tools for coaches – An easy way to run coaching surveys, feedback rounds & exercises

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Digitise your coaching tools

With coaching sessions moving online, you need to send clients Documents/ PDFs/ Google Forms to conduct surveys, capture feedback, run exercises and such.

With Digital Coaching Tools, you can create custom forms for any purpose on the system itself, and send it out directly from the platform. 


Stay ahead of each session with session prep

No coach wants to enter a session less than prepared for a meaningful engagement. Simply.Coach’s Session Prep tool helps you stay on top of things with a form that you can send to the client for reflection before each session. 

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Digital coaching tools repository

If you need help getting started creating your custom forms, questionnaires or exercise documents, the Simply.Coach Digital Coaching Tools Repository is exactly what you need. Choose from several ready-to-use templates you can pick up and apply for your business. Including:

Digital Tools Insights | Simply.Coach

Rich insights at the ready

Simply.Coach’s Digital Coaching Tools allows you to gather data – data that forms the basis for rich insights. The platform automatically collates your responses and data into beautiful, insightful reports you can share with your clients and their sponsors.


Digital tools for coaches essentially standardise the process of sending out coaching tools and collecting responses from clients. 

An efficient coaching platform like can automate this process to a large extent and save the tedious hassle of needing to send clients documents/ PDFs/ Google Forms to conduct surveys, capture feedback, run exercises and such.

Additionally, you can also get reports and insights automatically generated from the responses, which can help you make informed choices and decisions regarding your coaching practice. 

We provide templates of some of the most popular digital tools for coaches that our users can simply duplicate for their coaching engagement or customise as per their requirements. Some of the tools you can find on Simply.Coach include:

  • The coaching intent form
  • 360º feedback
  • 360º feedback – qualitative
  • Reflective goal setting
  • 360º feedback summary
  • Mid-engagement review
  • Completion report
  • Impact assessment

If the software or platform you are using abides by major security compliances such as HIPAA, GDPR & SOC2, and takes various measures to ensure data security and has a robust system in place for any misfortune, there should be nothing to worry about when it comes to using client management tools for your digital coaching practice.

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