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All About Nudges

Increase client accountability 

Be a more involved coach!

Based on the popoular nudge theory, Simply.Coach’s ‘Nudges’ are friendly reminders that can be automated, to increase accountability and ensure clients stick to their goals and behaviors. Think of nudges as time-based reminders that can’t be ignored!

Get creative with nudges

Does your client forget to answer his daily questions? Set up daily nudges.
Want to remind clients to send you post-session reflections? Set up post-session nudges.
Have a client making very little progress? Use randomly-timed nudges that get sent out anytime in a two-hour window, surprising your client.
Daily/weekly nudges, pre & post-session nudges, randomized nudges…we’ve got it all. 

Create long-term impact with post-engagement nudges

Continue sending nudges even after an engagement wraps up, to help clients stick to their changed behaviors – creating long-term value for the client and positive impact for you, without any extra effort.

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