How to Get Coaching Clients – 7 Things Not to Do  

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November 9, 2022
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As a coach the success of your coaching practice largely depends on your clientele, not just in terms of the volume but also the impact that you deliver. As such, most coaches go all out to woo that all important paying client, utilising various methods and platforms at their disposal. A lot is known about what to do to get coaching clients, but there are some things you must avoid while trying to get clients onboard.  

Here are 7 things not to do while attracting coaching clients: 

1. Reach the wrong type of clients for you 

Not reaching the right client at the right time is the first point on your Not-to-Do list! It is a common mistake to think that higher volumes of potential clients means higher chances of client onboarding. This is because not all of them need your services and you don’t need all of them as your clients! Yes, you want to expand your coaching business, but only in a manner that aligns your expertise and professional niche with your client’s needs.  
The way to go about it is to communicate the distinct coaching services that you are offering your client. For instance, if you are a life coach, specify your niche – are you into confidence coaching, relationship coaching, transformative coaching etc. so that you are visible to the right client. This will allow you to more aptly capture the right audience in its entirety. 

2. Put off having your own website  

Don’t procrastinate having a fully operational, client-friendly website.  It will become a great point of connect with your prospective clients. Make sure that you have a webpage that presents your qualifications, certifications, professional achievements, work experience, client testimonials etc. – after all these are important aspects that will showcase the best of all that you can offer and help you reach the intended audience. 

Some coaching management platforms, like Simply.Coach, also host a webpage for you (we call them Showcase Pages) where you can collect leads and have appointments scheduled with you. 

3. Not creating relevant content  

Content is King as far as netting clients is concerned. So, even after having a fancy website and marketing your coaching services, if you are still struggling to make the desired impact, then your content could be the villain in the story. Relevant, client specific content (blogs, articles, posts, quotes, interesting snippets and others) drives the quest for potential clients. 

Social media is a behemoth, don’t stretch yourself thin in the desperation to be present on each and every known channel. Instead, be smart, do some research and choose only a few platforms where your clients are most likely to spend time. Create content that is in their area of interest, keep it short but crisp, keep the share option open and have a regular posting schedule to maintain regular interaction with your audience – remember, out of sight is out of mind on social media. 

4. Forget to leverage attractive offers  

As a customer the one thing that is difficult to pass up is an irresistible offer – Buy 1 get 1 Free, get up to 50% off, etc. Coaching being a bit of a selfless occupation, coaches usually find it difficult to get into a sales mentality – offering discounts and deals, however, do help close clients when you’re running session packages or ready workshops. Throw in a free first session, or discounted prices for a 6-month package, free entry to a webinar, include a bonus such as a bestselling coaching book with a particular workshop, etc.  

5. Doing it alone  

Coaching is a collaborative process. Many coaches let the fear of competitors gaining access to their trade secrets & client acquisition methods keep them from joining a coaches’ network or communities. What they miss out on is gaining shared knowledge, insights into fellow coaches’ thought processes, and a camaraderie that unlocks opportunities and skill sharing. It is better to opt for a friendly exchange of expertise and services rather than going solo and staying isolated. 

6. ‘Help’ yourself to others’ intellectual property  

Authentic content, be it online or offline, is the result of a lot of research, planning, writing & creative skill and of course hard work. Simply ‘helping yourself’ or ‘borrowing’ any good and interesting content and passing it off as your own is piracy. It creates a false impression of your talents and misleads the client into believing in expertise that is not there.  

You should post original content that you have contributed to, that offers your thoughts on various subjects related to coaching. It will cultivate a dedicated reader base and also help you give your clients a glimpse into your own coaching beliefs. If you need to use a terrific article or a highly informative blog, repost it with the necessary credit to the original author.  

7. Think of coaching as a hobby  

Many coaches, especially the newbies, often have a regular job and fit in coaching into their remaining time (few clients, just starting out, getting a feel for the industry, etc.). Initially, this arrangement may be necessary due to financial constraints but if you are thinking of becoming a professional coach then you cannot straddle two worlds – a job that pays the bills and coaching as a hobby that feeds the inner passion. Coaching will have to become your priority and you will need to view it as your primary source of revenue. Think of it as a passion but also as a business, one that requires resources, planning, discipline, time management, patience, hard work and the persistence to not give up. Only then will you give yourself the best chance to succeed as a professional coach.  


Knowing what NOT to do is equally (sometimes even more) important as knowing what to do! Now that you are aware of the mistakes that you could make while getting coaching clients, make sure you choose the right methods to get clients on board and set your coaching practice on the road to success.  


1. How to attract more coaching clients?  

Establishing a steady clientele is a tough job – it takes a lot of time, effort and resources. But there are some tried and tested steps that you, as a coach, can take to make sure more clients show interest, and eventually sign up, with your coaching business. Selecting the right clients for you, choosing a specific coaching niche, communicating your unique coaching offerings, creating and posting interesting content, maintaining regular visibility in front of your clients via multiple online and social media platforms, networking with other coaches, making tempting offers and deals for clients, and finally by connecting in a genuine manner with your potential clients 

2. How can I make myself more visible as a coach?  

The digital age has afforded coaches a number of platforms and medium through which you can promote your coaching services. Connecting with potential clients on platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Email, via vlogs, blogging, webinars, and podcasts is essential today. You can also publish on community forums and leverage affiliate marketing where appropriate. Besides this, third party & paid advertising and SEO will help bring in coaching clients. 

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We're committed to your privacy. Simply.Coach uses the information you provide to us to contact you about our relevant content, products and services. You may unsubscribe from these communications at any time. For more information, check out our privacy policy.