COaching Series

The Path to Coaching Mastery

By Simply Coach

September, 2021

You are here to elevate

Whether you’re the field of life coaching or executive coaching, the primary thing to keep in mind that coaching is never about solving a client’s problems or fixing them

Tell yourself this- When you start off in a coaching journey, “Where I am at the moment is already good and I just want to get better. I cannot force it, but I can simply practice at removing the obstacles.”

Growth is Gradual

As a coach, if you can convey to your client that if they simply stop doing certain things they will become better leaders, you’ve done your part.

Subtract More, Add Less

Even to be a coach you have to be a certain way in order to grow.  Before shining the spotlight on your client, shine it over your own head to see if you are abiding by it yourself.

Practice What You Preach

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