How to Attract New Clients as an Online Business Coach?

By SImply Coach            August, 2021

Basics first – Things take time

It's great to have a big vision when you are starting off but its primary to understand that achieving it takes its time.  Patience and resilience are going to help you sustain and scale!

Offer pro-bono coaching

More importantly, practice and experience

Be open to coaching for free for some time. This will help you get in some substantial number of hours as well as. 

Differentiate yourself

Highlight your expertise - To be clear in the minds of your potential clients, you need to be clear on what you can coach on and where you have relevant experience. 

Communicate ‘why’ people need a coach

Help clients realize the need for a coach to help navigate and guide them to a path of clarity and how valuable that guidance can prove in the long run.

Your network is your net worth! As a new coach, join relevant events and forums to expand your network. Go with the notion to first give and then take.

Grow your network

 Be ready to sell

Embrace being a salesperson to conduct the business of coaching. When pitching to a client sell value, not sessions.

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