How to Price Your Sessions as an Online Business Coach?

By Simply.Coach

August, 2021

Sell value, not sessions

In online business coaching.  There’s a market for different price points – and it comes down to how you’re able to communicate the value.


As a coach, you will have to decide a value for yourself based on your experience and expertise.  At start you start off small and scale with growing coaching hours and expertise.


Ascertain the coach- coachee connect in an initial chemistry session with your client.  Once you have established the right partnership, effectively communicate your value to arrive at the price talks.


As a coach, you would greatly benefit if they chose to focus on value instead of the number of hours or coaching sessions.  Communicate the difference you will create and your expertise clearly to your client


Having a rough idea about market dynamics ensures that you are not grossly under or overcharging.  Understand what other coaches are charging and price your service accordingly.