Simply.Coach: A Comprehensive Online Coaching Platform to Grow Your Business

What is Simply.Coach?

Simply.Coach is a comprehensive online coaching platform that offers specially designed features – client management, business management, sales & marketing support, and so much more under a single platform

What Does It Offer?

Simply.Coach provides various tools to independent coaches and coaching businesses that take care of organizational & managerial tasks, thus freeing up time and resources to be able to focus solely on serving their clients the best coaching experience

Client Management

Simply.Coach allows coaches to partner with their clients and manage their goals and progress from a single platform – with features such as nudges, stakeholder integration, digital tools and customized journeys

Business Management

 Managing the business side of the coaching process is tedious, so Simply.Coach reduces all the manual burden by automating many tasks such as contracts & invoicing, calendar integration and more.


Simply.Coach allows coaches to store all their contacts in one place, manage their prospects by tracking the various stages in the sales process and build easy, ready-to-use sessions packages, integrated with a payment gateway


Simply.Coach has made it easy for coaches to flaunt their business and enhance their brand value with the Coach Showcase landing page feature and e-mail & LinkedIn integration where they can send emailers to prospects and link their LinkedIn profile for finding future prospect

The features on Simply.Coach are endless! Swipe up to learn more about other functionalities that will make you question why you haven’t been using it for your coaching business already!