Pricing Coaching Packages in a Competitive Market

Everything Comes at a Fair Price

New coaches find pricing their coaching services most difficult.

The trick is in the balance: Neither should you be charging exorbitantly nor should you undersell.

Working Backward with Your Monthly Income

A great way to go about pricing your coaching service is to have a practical monthly income in mind first and then set your prices accordingly. 

What’s Your Ideal Client is Ready to Pay?

It’s very important to fathom how much your clients are willing to pay for your services.

One of the deciding factors is the value your coaching service has on your client’s life. 

A Price That’s Worth Your Services

You could be an exceptionally good coach, but going overboard with your pricing may not be a good idea.

A low price may attract clients but you'll be left dissatisfied.

No Half-Baked Ideas Please!

Before zeroing in on a price get your basics straight

Get a clear idea about the client’s requirements, intentions, goals and timeframes. 

Basic Pricing Strategies

Based on the above factors you can select a pricing strategy for your services.

These include: hourly, value-based, retainer rate, competition-based, and sessional.

Want to be on top of your game with your pricing strategies?  Download our guide on pricing strategy for your coaching business!