Life Coaching Techniques & Skills Every Coach Should Know

How to Stand Out?

With more and more people becoming certified coaches, it may be tricky to stand out and provide unique services. To help you, here are some skills that you can upgrade to!

You must always leave aside your own judgements & agenda and fully connect with your clients to form trust and rapport, which will help them open up and share freely

Be Empathetic

Show Curiosity

Curiosity will help you step back from your own belief systems and connect with your client from a place of objectivity, which will help them widen their own perspective and find answers that may not be immediately obvious

Always make sure to recognize their strengths and help cultivate that further, which can in turn unlock their potential and create spaces for new opportunities

Recognize Their Strengths

Asking open-ended questions will allow your client to introspect and answer from a space of reflection, instead of just giving surface answers

Ask Open-Ended Questions

While some coaches do become friendly with their clients, it is also important to not get overly involved in their life or attach their own self-worth to the client’s success or failure

Practice Detached Involvement

Not everything is spoken in words and it is of utmost importance for you to listen to both the text and subtext of what your client is saying, which includes body language and various other non-verbal forms of communication

Pick Up on Subtle Communication

While these skills are important to hone, there are some more techniques that will not only help you stand out but also help your client achieve what they want,  Check it out!