Life Coaching Questions to Understand Your Clients Better

The Bedrock  of Coaching

Questions are the most  important tool to help clients reflect, understand, and plan their goals. Here are 5 questions that help you understand your clients on a deeper level.

“What Do You Want?”

If you find that your client is confused, this question can bring their attention back to what’s important. It also helps you understand what a client wants from the  coaching session.

“Can You Tell Me More?”

This question lets you challenge the client to dig deeper into their problems. It also works when you are faced with a client who is giving you very little to work with.

“What Does Success Look Like to You?”

Ask your clients to make their markers of success as measurable as possible to help map out objective ways to achieve them.

“What’s Standing in Your Way?”

This allows the client to  reflect on the roadblocks and obstacles in their life. Once they identify them, you can help them figure different ways of overcoming them.

“What Have You Done to Solve the Problem?”

Asking this question urges the client to reflect deeper & think in ways they may not have before, thus leading to possible ‘aha!’ moments.

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