How to Create a Social Media Calendar for Your Coaching Practice [With Post Ideas]

Social media promotion is one of the most critical cogs in the marketing wheel today.

Let's look at some post ideas you can explore.

Your story can inspire millions. A quick way to ignite your audiences’ interest in your life, profession, and brand is by sharing your journey in becoming a coach.

Share Your Coaching Journey

Share a glimpse of your personal or professional life. Share if there’s anything you are presently working on as a coach.

Day-in-the-Life Post

Nothing establishes your credibility as a coach more than your clients' success stories. Your social media calendar should include client testimonials as well.

Share Client Transformation Stories

A sure-fire way to hook your audiences and keep them engaged is by sharing important and practical tips addressing their frequently faced challenges.

Share Quick Tips

Celebrate special days that are celebrated nationally or globally.

Commemorate Special Days

This helps you stay relevant by leveraging the trending holidays and awareness days in social media.

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