Essential Components to Build a Strong Coach-Client Relationship

At the core of every successful coaching business are strong coach-client relationships.  Here are 5 essential components to help get them right.

Building a Good Relationship with Your Client

Check for Chemistry

When cultivating a strong relationship with your client, it is important to take subjectivity  into account.  A chemistry session helps you understand if you'll be a good  fit for each other.

Ensure Client Coachability

Coachability is more of a mental attitude towards coaching. This attribute can be confirmed by checking if the client is open to feedback and is willing to take ownership of their actions.

Establish a Firm Foundation

If there’s minimal ambiguity or doubt, the client is more likely to trust you and your process.  So, communicate detailed aspects of the coaching  journey beforehand.

Hold Space &  Be Present

The client is not necessarily always looking for solutions,  but instead to just be in the  presence of the coach. Understanding the subtleties between ‘doing’ and simply ‘being’ can create space for the coach-client relation to grow, thrive, and flourish.

Demonstrate Integrity & Trust

Having your client’s best interests in mind and treating every action (or inaction) with integrity will allow your client to trust you and share matters of their mind more openly.

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