Common Challenges Faced by a Coach

Trouble Town

From core coaching issues to business related problems, let’s explore some major challenges faced by a coach.

Not Setting Clear Objectives

Every coaching session needs to have a defined agenda, or the session can get away from you and impact the results the client achieves by the end.

Lack of Accountability

Having a plan is not enough!

Many coaches make the mistake of not assigning accountability to the client right at the outset or taking on the role of the accountability partner.

Managing Time

Managing clients, admin tasks, finances, marketing are all crucial to running a business.

Many coaches find it challenging to juggle multiple responsibilities and prioritize tasks.

Unfocused Marketing Efforts

Many coaches mistakenly start marketing on any and every platform at the same time – email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube... often leading to dispersed & unfocussed efforts.

Trouble Adjusting to New Technology

In these fiercely competitive times, it is important to stay updated.

Coaches unable to (or unwilling to) adapt to new technologies will find themselves at a disadvantage.

Do some of these sound familiar? Read the complete blog post for solutions and approaches to these challenges!