Best Client Retention Strategies for Coaches

Acquisition vs Retention

Did you know existing clients spend 67% more on average than new customers?

Yet, coaches put more energy into acquiring new clients.

What is Customer Retention?

Client retention means to keep customers returning over time. Retention leads to higher profits and lower marketing costs.

Let’s explore some retention strategies.

Understand Churn Rate

Churn rate = clients lost within a certain period.

A high churn rate means you’re struggling with retention.

Customer-Centric in Your Approach

Understand clients' needs, personalize onboarding, create effective complaint resolution, and ensure clients always receive due attention and answers.

Get Feedback 

Complaint management is vital to retention.

Make it a habit to solicit customer feedback via survey forms and close the loop with a ‘thank you’ message.

Offer Loyalty & Referral Programs

Reward your long-term loyal customers by offering bonuses and discounts.

Also encourage them to bring referrals by offering incentives.

Offer Additional  Programs

Having products & services (at different price ranges) in addition to your primary offerings encourages existing customers to become repeat customers.

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