7 Things You Should Know About Career Coaching

A Sought-After Profession

Career coaching is an up-and-coming profession that mainly deals with individuals who are looking for better jobs, more fulfilling careers, and something which is in line with their interests.

Career Coaching ≠ Career Counselling

While career counsellors may look into the past and identify barriers that might be causing challenges, a career coach focuses on the current situation and creates goals to help the client move forward

Is It Worth the Investment?

A career coach can help individuals land the job they have always wanted, get a promotion or make a career transition that’s in line with their values, with the biggest benefit being that a coach can help the individual learn from others’ mistakes.

Be Happier at Work

A career coach can help a person do more fulfilling work that makes them happy, whether that means sticking with their current job or finding a new one.

There are still a couple more things that you should definitely know about career coaching, and this article covers it all!  So go on, and check it out!