5 Processes to Delegate in a Coaching Company to Save Time — Simply.Coach

The Art of Delegation

It’s only when the leadership is able to effectively delegate tasks that a business can grow.

Let's look at 5 processes a coaching company can delegate/outsource.

Client Management Support  

Online coaching platforms offer coaching companies plenty of client management tools.

You can also outsource certain tasks to virtual assistants. 

Administrative Support

Administrative processes such as client onboarding, contracting & invoicing, scheduling and more can be delegated to virtual assistants or platforms.

Many online coaching platforms can assist coaching companies with their sales activities, including contact management, lead tracking and nurturing, etc.

Sales Management Support

Coaching companies can delegate recurring activities like social media posting, email marketing, and more to virtual assistants or online coaching platforms. 

Marketing Support

A coaching company can entrust a virtual assistant or a platform with setting up and coordinating a coaching program in areas other than the content and coaching.

Program Organization Support

To learn more about what and how a coaching company can delegate tasks to save time,  read our blog post!