Why Do You Need to Choose a Coaching Niche

Simplify to Amplify

When you choose a coaching niche, you cater to a specific category of clients who need your specific coaching expertise. This helps both parties connect and see better coaching output.

Niching Down Decoded

Niching down refers to having expertise in a precise topic or theme. This also means dealing with clients who greatly benefit from your unique expertise.

Perks of Niching Down

By niching down, you are more likely to get noticed by ideal clients and offer better coaching outcomes. Being the big fish in a small pond, you can also fix prices for your services as you deem fit.

Why are Coaches Averse to Choosing a Niche?

Many coaches avoid focusing on a particular niche fearing career stagnation and loss of business. Some are even sceptical that they would ending up with a wrong niche.

Factors to Mull Over

Find out if the niche is in demand. If yes, are there too many competitors? Understand what clients are willing to pay for your niche-specific services. Identify sub-niches if any.

Choosing the right niche could be tricky, but we have got your back. We provide you with the hand-holding that you need!