What's Your Corporate Coaching Niche?

Picking a Niche

While corporate coaching is vast and one is not restricted to coach in one way or another, it is highly recommended to pick a niche to be able to take advantage of its benefits

Individual Vs Team Coaching

While both individual & team coaching are possible on a corporate level and have their own advantages, ultimately you need to choose which area gives you more fulfilment

Industry Specialization

Based on your passion and experience, you can choose to specialize in a particular domain and better understand the industry-specific pressures and nuances

Different Kinds of Organizations

Depending on your knowledge and experience in the market, you can choose to work specifically in the private or public sector or even in multi-national organizations


If you as a coach understand how a newly promoted manager can take on responsibilities, you could specialize in that and make it your niche!

Geographical Specialization

If you are in tune with a region and its cultural nuances, you can make that your niche and market yourself accordingly

If you’re a coach in the corporate world looking to stand out and increase your chances of getting hired, read more in detail about these coaching niches