What Makes an Executive Coach Great?

Ability to Listen with Empathy

Asking open-ended questions, creating an unhurried conversation, and allowing clients to think and articulate their thoughts is essential to being a good coach

Ability to Relate to the Client

During specific moments, the coach can also bring in their own experiences as stories or anecdotes, to create a relatable teaching moment with their client

Being Authentic in Conversations

A coach needs to be as honest as they can with clients, whether it’s when providing feedback or advice - the client deserves to make an informed decision

Accepting What the Client Says as Is

It is imperative to take what the client is saying at face value without adding your flavor, bias or judgement, and let them speak their thoughts freely

Setting A Clear Action Path

Since coaching engagements can be lengthy, the coach must help the client come up with a clear set of action points before closing each session

Having Patience

A good coach gently brings the client into conversation and holds them there, and is required to be patient with the time it may take to see a change

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