What is Career Coaching and What to Expect

What is Career Coaching?

A career coach helps and guides individuals to recognize which professional direction to take next, what steps will bring them closer to a career that they can enjoy, and if any adjustments can be made to make their current job more fulfilling.

How is It Different from Career Counselling?

While career counselling is more of a method-driven approach that tries to get to the root of the barriers that cause difficulties, career coaching is result-oriented, that allows individuals to assess and redefine their professional situation.

What to Expect from Career Coaching

Career coaching involves meeting 1:1 along with various kinds of assessments, customized & actionable plans, learning new tools & techniques and ensuring that accountability is in place.

Who Should Go for Career Coaching?

Career coaching can help anyone who is looking for assistance in improving things in regards to their career – whether it’s giving valuable advice, guidance or helping with career transitions, improving performance, identifying the correct industry, or simply choosing the right career path!

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