What is a Leadership Coaching Style (and How to Develop it)

A New Approach That’s Gaining Popularity

An approach that’s relatively newer and working well in corporate settings is the leadership coaching style, where leaders are trained to take on the role of a coach for their team.  There are 4 different styles of leadership coaching.

Democratic Coaching Style

Here, the coach is empathetic and uses a balanced approach wherein both the coach and the client collectively find solutions to the client’s problems

Autocratic Coaching Style

This coach leaves decision-making to the top executives and the work is passed on to subordinates without space for much discussion or inputs

Laissez-faire Coaching Style

Here, the coach takes on a more relaxed approach and strongly believes in delegating work to team members and increasing trust between the coach and client

Holistic Coaching Style

This approach is more inclusive, wherein the coach becomes a role model to the client and the results are achieved due to collective team effort

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You’ve learnt about the different leadership coaching styles but are you wondering how to develop your own? Read this article to find out!