Using coaching tracking tools to set and achieve client goals 

Did you know? Over 90% of coaches surveyed say goal tracking software saves them 1+ hours weekly while improving client results.

But what exactly are tracking tools? 

Coaching tracking tools are specialized software that help monitor and manage your coaching processes. They serve as a centralized platform to record, track, and analyze various aspects of sessions.

Benefits of using tracking tools 

1. Enhanced client progress tracking 2. Increased accountability in clients 3. Increased engagement 4. Efficient session management Data-driven insights

Key features of effective coaching tracking tools 

1. Progress tracking 2. Feedback mechanisms 3. Integration with other platforms

Leading solutions like Simply.Coach allow you to: 

1. Collaboratively create SMART goals for each client 2. Select pre-built goal templates or create custom ones 3. Collect progress data 4. View intuitive dashboards 5. Celebrate achieved milestones

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